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Toronto Teams Edged Out by Windsor

Eighteen teams compete in KWCC Teams Active Chess Challenge

Saturday June 18, Annex Chess Club sent an A team, a B team, and a Junior team to the KWCC Teams Active Challenge.

Kitchener-Waterloo Chess Club once again hosted this exciting event, which saw 18 teams from regions and chess clubs around Ontario play team-against-team matches, in a one-day, five-round event. Games were played at an “active” time control of game/25 min (+10 s Bronstein delay), so individual results will be CFC active-rated.

Along with the three Annex Chess Club teams, Toronto was also represented by a team from Willowdale Chess Club in North York.

In the end, the team from Windsor took the event, with a perfect 5.0/5. Willowdale CC came second, with 4.0/5, and our Annex A team finished third (tied with Hamilton and Brantford) with 3.5/5. Annex B and Annex Jr. ended in a six-way tie for tenth, with 2.0/5. The full teams cross-table below is from ChessTalk. There is an individual cross-table on the CFC site. There were some errors in the tournament report, so double-check your results and email info@chess.ca if your pairings or results are wrong.

Teams Cross-Table

# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Windsor W7 W3 W10 W2 W6 5.0
2 Willowdale W12 W4 W5 L1 W9 4.0
3 Hamilton W8 L1 D9 W11 W10 3.5
4 Brantford A W14 L2 W11 W8 D5 3.5
5 Annex A W11 W6 L2 W10 D4 3.5
6 KWCC A W9 L5 W15 W13 L1 3.0
7 London A L1 L8 W18 W15 W13 3.0
8 Waterloo RDM L3 W7 W16 L4 W12 3.0
9 St. Catherine’s L6 W13 D3 W14 L2 2.5
10 Parry Sound W15 W16 L1 L5 L3 2.0
11 McMaster L5 W18 L4 L3 W16 2.0
12 KWCC B L2 L14 W17 W16 L8 2.0
13 Annex Jr. W17 L9 W14 L6 L7 2.0
14 Mississauga L4 W12 L13 L9 W17 2.0
15 Annex B L10 W17 L6 L7 W18 2.0
16 Brantford B W18 L10 L8 L12 L11 1.0
17 London B L13 L15 L12 W18 L14 1.0
18 KWCC Extras L16 L11 L7 L17 L15 0.0

2011 ACC team rosters:

“A” – finished with 3.5/5
(1) Rolando Renteria 2175 (FIDE)
(2) Wajdy Shebetah 2207 (regular)
(3) Hugh Siddeley 1931 (active) [Supreme Captain]
(4) Joseph Bellissimo 1536 (prov. active, 6)

“B” – finished with 2.0/5
(1) Daniel Wiebe 1696 (prov. active, 3)
(2) Nicholas O’Bumsawin 1739 (prov. active, 6)
(3) Yakos Spiliotopoulos 1732 (regular) [Vice Captain]
(4) Marcus Wilker 1420 (prov. active, 13)

“Junior” – finished with 2.0/5
(1) Manuela Renteria 1922 (FIDE)
(2) Alejandro Renteria 1699 (FIDE)
(3) Daniel Zotkin 1604 (regular) [Vice Captain]
(4) Raymond Lin 883 (regular)

Tournament games:

(more games are published on ChessTalk.)

White: Klarner, William (2108) Kitchener
Black: Shebetah, Wajdy (2207) Annex

2011.06.18 KWCC Team Active (2.2)
Kitchener, ON

A90 Dutch

White: Barron, Michael (2277) Willowdale
Black: Renteria, Rolando (2175) Annex

2011.06.18 KWCC Team Active (3.1)
Kitchener, ON

C41 Philidor

White: Wiebe, Daniel (1914) Annex B
Black: Klarner, William (2108) Kitchener

2011.06.18 KWCC Team Active (3)
Kitchener, ON

B44 Sicilian: Paulsen

Winning teams in the history of the event:

2011 Windsor
2010 Kitchener
2009 Kitchener
2008 Windsor
2007 U of Waterloo
2005 Brantford
2003 Concordia
2001 Hamilton
1999 Concordia