Membership Fees

The Annex Chess Club has a membership option for everyone.

Adult Junior Casual
One night pay-as-you-go $15 $10 $5
Five-week membership $60 $40 n/a
Full-year membership* $215 ($190) $155 ($130) $105 ($80)

* Full-year memberships may be renewed at a $25 discount if renewed on time at expiration.

Adult tournament membership

Full membership includes chess lectures, casual chess, and participation in regular club tournaments – 44 Monday nights a year!

Also available on a nightly, pay-as-you-go basis, or in a five-week package.

Junior membership

Junior membership is the same as adult tournament membership – but for players under 18 years old.

Children with junior membership may also join our new Annex Kids’ Chess Club – supervised casual play, CFC-rated rapid tournaments, and chess analysis.

Again, it is also available on a nightly, pay-as-you-go basis, or in a five-week package.

Casual membership

Casual membership is for adult players who wish to come to the club for casual play. It does not include club tournaments, but includes chess lectures and casual games – 44 Monday nights a year!

It is also available on a nightly, pay-as-you-go basis.

One of our junior members

Family discount

Additional family members can receive full-year tournament membership at 20% off after one full-year tournament membership of equal or greater value is purchased.

Student discount

Students in full-time post-secondary studies are eligible for a 30% discount on our full-year adult tournament membership.

Senior discount

Seniors 65 years of age and older are eligible for a 20% discount on our full-year adult tournament membership.

Chess courses

Chess courses are priced separately, and students in ACC chess courses do not have to be members of the club. See the club page for information about the courses we offer.

Membership Benefits

Annex Chess Club membership includes:

  • Regular CFC-rated club tournaments*
  • Speed chess tournaments*
  • A $10 discount on weekend tournaments at the 918*
  • Chess lectures
  • Casual chess
  • 44 Mondays nights of chess!

* Casual membership does not include tournament play

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2 thoughts on “Membership”

  1. Would you recommend memberships to Chess beginners? I’ve only been playing for a couple of months and would love to improve my playing skills.

    Are beginners grouped with other beginners? Just curious.

    Your reply is greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi, Anthony. Thanks for your question!

      A lot of beginners choose to take the beginner class, where they play and learn together with other beginners.

      Another choice is the casual section. Casual players find their own opponents, but tend to gravitate towards opponents of similar strength.

      When you’re ready for tournament play, again we have tournaments divided into sections so that players face opponents who range in ability, but still of a relatively similar calibre.

      If you want to start with a class, you don’t also need to purchase membership, and casual play is still included in course costs.

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