Children’s Chess Classes

New term starts May 25 – schedules are posted below!
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Programme Description

Annex Chess Club children’s chess programme is a fun and exciting way for your child to learn the game of chess and meet children from across the GTA who share the same passion. Our programme is designed to take children of all ages from beginners at the most basic level right through to CFC-rated club players.

Our programme incorporates class lessons, group work, individual problem-solving, and various forms of tournament play to reinforce and evaluate chess abilities at each skill level. It is most important that children be placed in the correct level to ensure maximum benefit of the programme – see below.

Graduates of the programme learn the full range of tactical skills (pins, forks, skewers, etc); are introduced to opening, middle, and endgame theory; are capable of in-depth analysis of their own and others’ games; are familiar with chess notation; and finally, are knowledgeable of the range of resources that are available to continue to improve their games after the classes finish.

All ages and skill levels are welcome!

ACC Classes are led by Chess Institute of Canada chess instructors.

see Class Descriptions, Schedule, Costs, and Registration

[Note: We also offer classes for teens and adults – see our Adult Instructional Programme.]

Children's chess instruction at ACC

Find the right level for your child

  • The children’s classes below are not age specific – i.e., any child at any age can be in any of the classes. Levels are based entirely on the children’s knowledge of the game.
  • We reserve the right to move children from one class level to another.
  • In our experience, many children either overstate their knowledge of the game, or don’t like to be designated as anything less than advanced. But children are best served when instruction is given at the appropriate level. We urge parents, even those with a limited knowledge of the game, to communicate with their children to find out where they would fit best. This helps ensure that the classes run smoothly for everyone from an early stage, but most of all, it ensures that children are having a great experience, playing, laughing, and growing together with peers learning at the same level.

Repeating a class

  • Each of the following classes are designed to build a particular range of chess skills. However, because children learn at different rates, repeating the same class (beginner, intermediate, advanced) for another session, or several sessions, is often a good idea. This allows children to consolidate their knowledge of a particular range of skills before moving on to the next level. Everyone learns differently and it never helps to skip over fundamental skills. Working on the same core curriculum, our instructors change the approach and emphasis each term so no two sessions are alike.
Children's chess instruction at ACC

Chess Classes

Kids’ Beginner Chess:
This class covers a full introduction to the pieces: their movements, their values, capturing, good trades vs. bad trades. Check, checkmate and castling are introduced, but the overwhelming focus is on ensuring that the pieces and their movements are learned and internalized.

Please ensure this is the correct level for your child: This class is for children who range from having no background in chess to those who have learned how the pieces move but who still don’t have a strong, automatic command of all piece movements. The children who take this class may not know how to checkmate or castle.

see Schedule, Costs, and Registration

Kids’ Intermediate Chess:
This class reviews the pieces and their movements, but goes into further detail on their values (depending on a given position, situation, etc.). It covers check and checkmate, introduces en passant, explains the rules of stalemates and draws, introduces tactics, and includes a small amount of theory surrounding openings, middle, and endgames.

Please ensure this is the correct level for your child: This class is for children who have a strong command of the pieces and their movements, but not necessarily castling and en passant. Children at this level may know how to checkmate, but in any case they do not have a dominant command of doing so. If all of your child’s games end in checkmates or draws, they should be in advanced class; if not, place them here, because checkmating is one of the tough aspects of chess to master, and it takes time and practice to gain a vision for it.

see Schedule, Costs, and Registration

Kids’ Advanced Chess:
This class works on final preparations for children to begin CFC-rated club-level play, and teaches all the rules of the game at a tournament level. The en passant rule is covered and becomes part of regular games. Chess notation is introduced and covered, with the aim of having children write down all the moves of their games properly. Opening, middle, and endgame theory is covered, including advanced tactics and further insights into sound overall principles of chess strategy.

Please ensure this is the correct level for your child: This class is for children who have a strong, automatic command of checkmate and castling, and whose games all end in either checkmates or draws. Children in this class may not have an automatic command of the en passant rule, or be fluent in chess notation and the game analysis that goes with it, but they should be strong young players. The children in this class are sometimes selected to play on the chess teams at their respective schools. We do not recommend your child participate in this class if he or she is relatively new to the game.

see Schedule, Costs, and Registration
Annex Chess Club provides all learning materials, boards, clocks, and pieces

Children's chess instruction at ACC


May-June ONLINE Session: Kids’ Classes – 6 weeks – May 25 to Jum 29 – $108
NEW: Register online at Chess Institute’s Amilia store

Day Time Course Instructor
Monday 6:15 to 7:15 pm Intermediate Cameron Robertson
6:15 to 7:15 pm Advanced Michael Humphreys

Costs and Registration

More Information

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23 thoughts on “Children’s Chess Classes”

  1. Hi,

    I’m considering registering my 6 year old son for your upcoming chess classes. Do you have anything coming up soon for the new school year?

    He attended the chess club at his previous school in JK and SK, and participated in multiple chess tournaments organized by CIC on PA days.



          1. Just saw it. Thank you!

            I’m not sure whether I should register him for club or lessons. What’s the best way to figure out? Should I call someone first or would it be better if we just show up a bit earlier on the 12th and sort it out there? Whichever may works better. Please let us know. Thanks again!

  2. Most kids in the club prefer the classes. Club tournament membership works better once young players have become quite strong, and usually a little older.

  3. Hi Markus,

    I missed this September session could you tell me how long I need to wait for the next session ? I would like to enroll for my 7 year old daughter .

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi, Krishna. It’s no problem to start mid-session, so you can have your daughter join the class next week. She will have missed only one class. You can come register on site the same night.


  4. Hi Markus,

    I can’t make it untill October 2nd due to personal commitments.
    P lease let me know if it is possible after 2nd October.


  5. I would like to enroll my 12 year old daughter in the class. She is a beginner. She knows the rules and we played few games together. Would she still be considered a beginner? Also is there a class where kids similar age would play in?

  6. Hello there,

    I would like to register my 6yr old in chess classes. Can you please advice me when the next class begins?


  7. Hello there,
    My daughter will be 5 in Feb. and I would like for her to learn chess . What’s the best approach for her age and she has no knowledge of the game ?

    1. Hi Cornelia, we have a new beginner class at 5:15 on Mondays, starting this coming Monday November 6. Your daughter would be more than welcome to try it out for the first class to see if it works for you!

  8. Hi ,
    This is Deepika ,My son going to be 5this September he is going to jk I would like him to learn chess can I know when the next session starts and where to contact and what are the others details I need to know regarding chess beginner class.

    1. Hi Deepika,
      We should have a new short session starting up again in May for May/June Then we’re off for the summer, until September. Feel free to come to the club any Monday night to check it out!

  9. Hi There
    Are the chess classes appropriate for a 12 year old boy? Our son has been on the school chess team for 3 years now but is looking to take his chess strategy to the next level. We suspect he would be in the intermediate level and would quickly move to the advanced level. Will this be starting again in September?
    Thanks so much!

    1. He might be advanced level already, in the kids’ classes. Or he could also try the adult intermediate. Yes, we’ll be starting up again after Labour Day.

    1. Hi Harsha,
      We run classes our 6:15 intermediate and advanced classes continually in 7-week terms from September to June. The beginner class is a little less certain as there isn’t always sufficient demand. If you have two children, we’d just need one more to run the class.

  10. Hello:
    My daughter (7yr) has been playing a bit in the school chess club. When will you start the next round of classes?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Pali,
      We started a new term today. We’re closed next week, but you’re welcome to join us the following week on May 27. You can register on site.

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