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The latest news for Annex Chess Club and Toronto chess in general

2018 GTCL Cup – Toronto Rapid Team Chess Championship – June 18

Thank you

Thanks to all who attended. We had a great turnout, with 19 teams taking part.


Team results are posted on the Chess-results server. Individual game results to follow.

Registration List

Championship Category
Chess Stars (~2200 CFC)
1. Nicholas Vettese (2330)
2. Michael Barron (2318)
3. Michael Kimelman (2244)
4. Sasha Starr (2146)

Willowdale CC (2122 CFC)
1. Vladimir Birarov (2182) CFC #145968
2. (C) Dmitry Chernik (2101) CFC #149932
3. Stephan Tonakanian (2090) CFC #150629
4. Dennis Ryadnov (2114) CFC #162130

Annex A Team (~2200 CFC)
1. William Li
2. Sergey Malakhovets (2122) CFC #158413
* Team list still to be finalized

Hart House A (~2300 CFC)
1. IM Peter Vavrak (2484)
2. FM Mike Ivanov (2357)
3. Lali Agbabishvili (2296)
4. Joseph Bellissimo (2280)
* Team lists still to be finalized

Hart House B (~2100 CFC)
5. Jim Zhao (2262)
6. Jonathan Yu (2200)
7. Alex Ferreira (2090)
8. Jurgen Aliaz (1521)

Aurora Chess Club (~2200 CFC)
1. David Cummings
2. Michael Dougherty
3. Egidijus Zeromskis
4. David MacLeod

Pinoy Chess Club of Canada (~2250 CFC)
1. Eduardo Teodoro (2398) CFC #112698
2. Ryan Franco (2272) CFC #165112
3. —
4. Jelvis Calvelo (2247) CFC #162161
5. (alt) Joey Orozco (1725) CFC #148825

London Fire (1680 CFC)
1. Tony Bao (2024) CFC #149351
2. Brendan Adamo (1290) CFC #164074
3. Matthew Blake (1724) CFC #144032
4. Tony Huang (1680) CFC #140897

U1800 Category

Ryerson Chess Club (~1400 CFC)
1. (C) Michael Saltat (1656) CFC #158633
2. Tony Yueh (1590) CFC #165085
3. Jonathan Grande (1159) CFC #155586
4. Rymn Wadhwa (1040) CFC #166112
5. Ryan Tuchow (1168) CFC #158636

Hart House C (~1500 CFC)
1. Atakan Bakiskan (1505 FIDE)
2. Jonathan Moore (1495)
3. Vignesh Kumar (1482)
4. Ranmal Bandara (1360)
* Team lists still to be finalized

Hart House D (~1100 CFC)
5. Sahan Karunaratne (1337)
6. Vikram Venkataramanan (1099)
7. Jennifer Ugodnikov (1031)
8. Dylan Yakobovits (1005)

Hart House E (~1000 CFC)
17. Japvinit Kour (-)

1. Shuhan Zhang
2. Eric Li
3. Zachary Li
4. Marie Guan

1. Owen Lee
2. Matthew Tan
3. Sherwin Ji
4. Carina Feng

Cool Cats (~1100 CFC)
1. Yunpeng Liang (1550)
2. Rahul Shah (UNR)
3. Raj Shah (UNR)
4. Pratic Panchal (UNR)

Team Maddy
1. Lorne Schwartz
2. Richard Pell
3. Thomas Liang
4 . ??

Team captains, please hand in a proper paper copy of your team list. There will be blank copies of the entry form on site if you need them.

Entry Form

GTCL Cup Team entry form – 2018

Hart House wins the 2015 GTCL Cup!
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Representing ACC in Germany

Daniel Wiebe is in Germany, representing ACC in the Grenke Chess Open.

Here’s his report:

four square shadow

March 29-30 – Rounds 1-3

It’s been an insanely busy schedule. This is probably the most impressive tournament I’ve ever played in. There’s almost 1500 players in total and over 700 in my section (the top section) alone.

I had a rough start, losing to an FM from a winning position in a time scramble, then I slept right through the second round. But things are looking up. I managed to draw a lost position against a player elo 2160.

Looking forward to tomorrow when Magnus, Caruana, Anand, Hou Yifan, Aronian, MVL and the rest will be joining us. I believe Caruana plays Carlsen Tomorrow which will be an interesting prelude to their world championship match.

four square shadow

March 31 – Rounds 4-5

Hi guys!

So far, between watching the chess elite up close and getting to browse an insane amount of chess books, this tournament is a chess player’s playground. Now if only I could remember how to play….

I battled two players with FIDE ratings of just over 2100 today, drawing the first and losing to the second. Unfortunately I made one-move blunders in both games, which I’m blaming on sleep deprivation. Hopefully after a good night’s rest I’ll start finding more interesting ways to blunder.

four square shadow

April 1-2 – Rounds 6-9

Hi guys! Here’s the finish to the tournament.

Days 4 and 5 were interesting. I finally managed to win an extremely messy game in round 6 against a player rated around 1860. I then lost in round 7. On day 5 I managed a solid win against Cristiano Quaranta rated around 2160 FIDE. It was probably my most consistent game of the tournament and I’ve posted it here. Because of the win I was in the running for the U2000 prize but lost the critical last round game.

Other then that, I couldn’t help but buy a few books from the fantastic selection they had. I had a cool experience just standing in the store area browsing through a book for a little while before looking up to see Levon Aronian (World number 4 for those unfamiliar) standing next to me doing the same thing. Shows that chess books are still very relevant in the digital age.

Overall it was a very busy, but still very inpiring tournament experience that I recommend highly for any Europe travellers. But do give yourselves at least a few extra days to fully recover from jet lag first.

I hope you all enjoyed the posts and I look forward to reporting on any future international tournaments!

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Study the Openings with a top Canadian Master!

ACC is proud to announce a new Openings Crash Course by IM Artiom Samsonkin, starting in the new year on Monday January 15.

Strengthen your play in the opening phase of the game. Learn the concepts behind some of the most popular contemporary openings. Learn how to choose an opening repertoire, and how to study openings properly. Transition smoothly from your opening to a solid middle game. Many players try to figure out openings on their own from books and videos, but this course will allow you to have a live conversation and really get to understand what is going on in these positions from both sides.

This is an amazing chance to gain a solid foundation in practical opening study and execution from one of Canada’s top players.

This 4-week course, Jan 15 to Feb 5 at 8:15 is just $96. Or take a single class for $35. Come register at the club any Monday!

  • Week One: The Italian Game (Jan 15)
  • Week Two: The French Defence (Jan 22)
  • Week Three: The Sicilian Defence (Jan 29)
  • Week Four: The Queen’s Gambit (Feb 5)

Check our complete adult and kids’ course offerings this term and next.

The Man Ray chess set in the featured image is among the quality chess sets available from Regency Chess Canada.

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