ACM Followup to ACC’s Ontario Open

As we previously mentioned in our June 26, 2022 news post, American Chess Magazine (ACM) agreed to cover the balance of the games from Annex Chess Club’s successful Ontario Open tournament held in May 2022.

ACM’s original article on the Ontario Open may be found in ACM issue #27 here. The latest ACM issue #29 contains 6 pages covering 3 additional intense chess battles as follows:

  • WGM Maili-Jade Ouellet vs IM Nikolay Noritsyn (won by Maili-Jade)
  • FM Koosha Jaferian vs Roman Gavrilin (won by Koosha)
  • IM Shiyam Thavandiran vs GM Razvan Preotu (won by Shiyam)

These games were originally annotated by Maili-Jade, Koosha and Razvan at the conclusion of the tournament and we thank them for their insightful commentary. Maili-Jade won the Ontario Open top woman’s prize as well as the tournament brilliancy prize (against Shiyam). In this game, she delivers Nikolay’s only loss of the 3-day tournament.

Click on the image below to see a PDF of the 6-page ACM Followup article on the balance of ACC’s Ontario Open games.

In this writer’s view, American Chess Magazine is the premier chess magazine in the world. The latest issue has great coverage of many interesting topics and key events, including commentary and analysis of the Hans Neimann/Magnus Carlsen saga.

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