Hikaru Nakamura Visit – ACC Pics (updated)

Here is a link to our previous news post on Hikaru Nakamura’s recent visit to ACC, where we posted a few photos already.

Ken Remark, ACC’s Club Photographer took a series of photo’s during the recent Hikaru Nakamura visit. These photos are contained in the gallery below, displayed in chronological order. In several cases, a photo was donated by an ACC staff/member/friend (*) and these are added below to Ken’s photos.

Game #’s and players’ first names are also displayed. There were 37 games played in total (numbered G1-G38 by the DGT Board we used, with no G10 which was skipped). Later, when we are permitted to post the individual game PGN’s, we will reference these same game numbers. We are currently looking through our other ACC photos taken by our staff/friends, to cover the following additional games played:

G8 (Matthew), G15 (Justin), G23 (Abhi), G31 (Zeyu) and G37 (William).

Attendees who have a good photo that covers a missing game may email them to: info@annexchessclub.com, and we will include that photo and give credit for taking it. Note: The photos below may not be used for commercial purposes without the approval of ACC/Ken Remark. Credit should be given to the originator if photos are used for non-commercial use on the internet or on social media.

Update: On October 23, the individual players received their respective PGN game file(s) via email.

Click on an image to see a larger view.

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