ACC Update – October 17, 2022

Hikaru Nakamura Visits Annex Chess Club (Yesterday)

On the afternoon of Sunday, October 16, Annex Chess Club (ACC) hosted Hikaru Nakamura—U.S. Super-GM and major online chess streamer—in a series of 37 single-unrated, blitz chess games against ACC Club members and invited “Friends of ACC.” Approximately 100 people attended the Event as players and/or observers, of which roughly half were ACC members/friends and the other half were members of the general public.

Hikaru played a total of 10 titled players (1 GM, 4 IMs, 3 FMs, 1 CM AND 1 WCM) two games each, for a total of 20 games, generally using a 3-minute + 2-second increment per player time control. He also played another 17 single games against non-titled ACC Club members where he had a 1-minute time control against his opponent’s 5-minutes, with no increments.

Over the course of approximately 5 hours, Hikaru won 34 games, drew 3 (against titled players Bareev, Rodrigue-Lemiux and Jaferian) and lost none, a great result. The culmination of the day’s play was a double-blindfold game between Hikaru and FM Hans Jung, which Hikaru won. CM Koosha Jaferian and Club member Erik Malmsten moved the pieces and pressed the clocks for Hikaru and Hans, respectively.

Panamoric shot taken by John Upper, IM Mark Plotkin at the board with Hikaru

The Event was filmed by Hikaru’s team and will be officially released at a later date as a series of videos. The games were projected onto a large screen and also recorded digitally using a DGT smart board, which process was managed by the technical team of Omar Shah and John Upper. ACC Directors—Salim Belcadi (ACC President), George Supol (ACC Club Manager), Keith Denning (ACC Arbiter), Mel Directo and Michael Sutton—all helped to organize, setup and run the Event. ACC’s Club Photographer, Ken Remark, took many great pictures and they will be made available on ACC’s website soon. In addition, we hope to post the game moves for the 38 PGN files generated by DGT in a few weeks. ACC also plans to email the respective PGN file to each player later this week.

GM Evgeny Bareev (former World #4), and IMs Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux and Mark Plotkin also played blitz chess games against other ACC Club members who did not get to play Hikaru, as well as members of the general public that attended. The titled players also played games against each other.

Another shot taken by John Upper – Evgeny Bareev playing Hikaru showing the camera setup used

Overall, this was a great gathering of Toronto chess players which ended three days of incredible play by Hikaru at Pub Chess (Friday), Chess-in-the-Park (Saturday) and Annex Chess Club (Sunday). ACC thanks Hikaru and his team, led by Neil Goel with assistance from U.S. FM James Canty III and videographer Jaron Saturnino, for attending our Club and making the experience so enjoyable for everyone.

Our original news post for this Event may be found here.

Visit to ACC By IM Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux (Tonight – Sun Room)

This evening, IM Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux (see comments above) will be visiting ACC and playing a blitz simul in our Casual Section. ACC Members can attend for free. The general public can attend by paying the nightly $10 drop-in fee.

Shawn did a simul this past Friday evening at Hart House in Toronto. Shawn, who resides in Montreal, recently won the World Championship U18 event, held in Romania.

Weekly Tournament (Tonight – Great Hall)

Tonight (October 17, 2022), ACC will host the start of a new 5-week CFC-rated tournament with the following three sections, Crown, U1800 and U1400. In keeping with tradition, Keith Denning will officially name this tournament later today.

Toronto Closed (Tonight – Great Hall)

This evening will also see Rd #5 of the 9-round Toronto Closed tournament. Forty players in 4 sections (Championship, Reserve, Development and Annex) are playing in this time-honoured FIDE-rated event.

Chess Classes (Tonight – Downstairs)

ACC’s Chess Classes, run in conjunction with Chess Institute of Canada, will be held downstairs in L3/L4 as follows:

  • Kids Intermediate (5-6 PM) – continues tonight
  • Kids Advanced (Wk #3) – skips to next week (6-7:15 PM)
  • Adult Intermediate (6-7:30 PM) – continues tonight
  • Adult Advanced (Wk #3) – skips to next week (7:30 to 9 PM)

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