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Jean Hébert, International Master

Jean Hébert is a well-known Canadian chess player who lives in Longueuil, Quebec. His current CFC chess rating is 2416 (FIDE 2340) at the spry age of 65.

Jean’s chess-related accomplishments include:

  • Recent Canadian Senior Chess Champion (65+ years of age), August 2022.
  • FIDE International Master (IM) title
  • ICCF title of Correspondence Chess Grandmaster
  • 2009 and 1978 Canadian Chess Champion
  • Tied 1st-3rd in the 2002 Canadian Open
  • Has played as high as 2nd board at seven Olympiads during the years 1978-2002
  • Chess writer and commentator; chess columnist for La Press from 1981-87.
  • Canadian Junior Champion, 1976

According to a post in Chesstalk, Jean is planning to travel to the 2022 World Senior Chess Championship in Assisi Italy this November 14-27, in an attempt to win the World Senior Chess Champion title and possibly achieve the International Grandmaster (GM) title that has so far eluded him.

The Quebec Chess Federation is covering Jean’s airfare and he could use some help from the Canadian chess community at large to help cover his loss of income and expenses in making the trip.

Annex Chess Club is happy to support Jean Hébert in his continued quest for chess excellence to the extent of a $300 contribution to his fundraising campaign. At ACC, we believe that playing chess is a great tool for maintaining mental health and well-being at all ages, especially for seniors.

We’d like to suggest that other Canadian chess clubs consider making a contribution to Jean’s fundraising campaign. Alternatively, smaller contributions from individuals could also really add up. Imagine the potential impact if every active CFC member contributed a small amount, e.g. $5!

Below is a link to Jean’s fundraising page, which is available to view in French or English:

All the best in your quest, Jean!

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