Easter Eggstravaganza Round Four!

We continue to gain new members and participants, so much so that, in order to maintain social distancing, we are now occupying two rooms! Our tournament rounds are currently happening in the Great Hall, and our casual section is in the spacious Sun Room at 918 Bathurst.

We welcome our newest club members, Justin and Eli, as well as all of our new participants.

Our tournament section has grown so much that, for our next tournament we are considering three rating sections: crown, U1800 and U1400.

Here are the results from round four.

Results for Round 4, Over 1800

111Koosha Jaferian50Abhinandan Mohan
271Erik Malmsten20Hugh Siddeley
361Richard Douglas160Albion Kolndreu
491Wade Courson100Carina D’Souza
531David Southam170Nicolas Bolik-Coulon
6140John Fines131Lorne Schwartz
7120Arkadiy Ugodnikov41Alex T Ferreira
8150Shafkat Ali81Sahir Abbas

Results for Round 4, Under 1800

951Charlie Grisar120Iassen Pelev
10350Jim Sadden41Andrew Xu
11360Glen Towner61Toy Chack Kwan
12300Julian McCutcheon31Maxim Morozov
13181Elliot Tseng70Ulli Diemer
1411½Yathushan Jeyakumar28½Richard Kang
15201Umid Allahverdi140Nicolas Bonnard
16170Benjamin Kamnitzer91Leeor Greenblat
1824½Jose Escobar8½Sam Weinberg
19261David Friedland150Jordan Burge
20270Eli Gotfryd161Mathusha Jeyakumar
21191Jonah Mickelson290Ash Ludgate
22311Michael Ostroff220Alex Delduca
23231Mario Doumet340Justin Ryan
10½Marko BulatovicBYE
 251Malors Espinoza  BYE
 2½Bhavatharshan Jeyakumar  BYE
 10½Kristan Klimczak  BYE
 21½Jess-Pierre Arguillano  BYE

And here are the current standings.

Standings, Over 1800

#PlaceNameIDRatingPostRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
11-2Koosha Jaferian17431823492353H—W17W4W33.5
2 Erik Malmsten10019619361996W17H—W12W63.5
33-4Abhinandan Mohan17538319842001B—B—W7L13.0
4 Richard Douglas13119119471989W9W6L1W133.0
55Wade Courson14990919021899H—D15D13W122.5
66-9Hugh Siddeley12061921732147W14L4W15L22.0
7 David Southam10253521172087D15D13L3W162.0
8 Jeremy Kulchyk17544218131808D16H—B—U—2.0
9 Lorne Schwartz10454517451750L4D14D17W152.0
1010-13Alex T Ferreira12751620542058H—U—U—W141.5
11 Sahir Abbas15353419041909H—U—U—W171.5
12 Carina D’Souza16760019001873D13W16L2L51.5
13 Albion Kolndreu17544615651634D12D7D5L41.5
1414-16Arkadiy Ugodnikov14662617821768L6D9D16L101.0
15 John Fines16284217351736D7D5L6L91.0
16 Nicolas Bolik-Coulon175661unr.1681D8L12D14L71.0
1717Shafkat Ali14914216301625L2L1D9L110.5

Standings, Under 1800

#PlaceNameIDRatingPostRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
11Charlie Grisar16610117061714H—W30B—W43.5
22-4Andrew Xu15553417331734W18H—D13W153.0
3 Toy Chack Kwan16270615921583L4W29W31W163.0
4 Iassen Pelev15341413331510W3W5W16L13.0
55-8Bhavatharshan Jeyakumar15530918081788W17L4W27H—2.5
6 Maxim Morozov17537817741783H—U—W21W132.5
7 Elliot Tseng17513510021109H—U—W35W172.5
8 Umid Allahverdi13432834unr.1441D10L13W32W192.5
99-16Abhinandan Mohan17538319841985W28W27U—U—2.0
10 Leeor Greenblat17544315071479D8L12D22W282.0
11 Yathushan Jeyakumar15495314501437H—L16W33D122.0
12 Richard Kang175618unr.1653H—W10U—D112.0
13 Julian McCutcheon175591unr.1652H—W8D2L62.0
14 Christopher Roy10223266unr.1150W29H—H—U—2.0
15 Jim Sadden unr.1119W30W22L19L22.0
16 Glen Towner173656unr.1398W20W11L4L32.0
1717-26Ulli Diemer15353815721529L5W28H—L71.5
18 Kristan Klimczak17539915011492L2H—H—H—1.5
19Marko Bulatovic17538012791297W23L3L4H—1.5
20 Nicolas Bonnard17561312091210H—U—W15L81.5
21 Mathusha Jeyakumar16052511121087L16L31H—W341.5
22 Jonah Mickelson152722907912H—U—L6W351.5
23 Jess-Pierre Arguillano unr.979H—L15D10H—1.5
24 Mario Doumet unr.1150H—U—U—W361.5
25 David Friedland unr.1496H—U—U—W321.5
26 Michael Ostroff unr.1150H—U—U—W331.5
2727-31Sam Weinberg15259415281510H—U—U—D291.0
28 Benjamin Kamnitzer15641310691065L9L17W30L101.0
29 Jose Escobar unr.1129L14L3H—D261.0
30 Malors Espinoza unr.580L15L1L28B—1.0
31 Ramon Romzon unr.1185L27W20L3U—1.0
3232-36Jordan Burge17539711141102H—U—L8L240.5
33 Alex Delduca unr.350H—U—L11L250.5
34 Eli Gotfryd unr.689H—U—U—L200.5
35 Ash Ludgate unr.513H—U—L7L210.5
36 Justin Ryan172541unr.350H—U—U—L230.5

Round five (the final round of our current tournament) will take place on May 16.

Please note that ACC will be closed on May 23 for Victoria Day. We will be very busy running the Ontario Open!

Our next tournament will commence on May 30. If you have any great ideas for a name for our next tournament, please suggest it in the comments.

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