An Update To ACC’s COVID Policies

Provincial COVID guidelines continue to change. On Monday March 21, the Ontario government is relaxing its mask mandate on most indoor activities.

At Annex Chess Club, we will always prioritize the welfare of our club members and visitors. We are currently part-way through the Peter McSherry Memorial Tournament. When this tournament began, indoor masking was the provincial mandate, and players joined the tournament with this understanding.

The ACC Board has therefore decided to continue to require masking for the duration of the current tournament, out of an abundance of caution and to respect the conditions initially in place when the tournament began. The current tournament will have its final round on April 4, and a new tournament will begin the following week.

Over the next few weeks we will be polling our club members regarding our health and safety policies. We will continue to conduct a health screening as well, and encourage all players who are feeling unwell to consider the welfare of others and stay home.

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