2022 TC – Ranking Crosstable (Rd #9)

Below is the Ranking Crosstable after Rd #9 for the Toronto Closed Championship Section. There is one result missing (indicated by Rd#-Rk# and ?) to be covered by future makeup game (M15, see makeup games list here).

Should Plotkin win his final makeup game (M15) against Barron, Plotkin would also grab a share of third place with 6/9 points. Accordingly, the 3rd place prize of $200 cannot yet be allocated.

You can see the results for other Sections in the Tournament, using the Page Links at the bottom of this page.

1Gavrilin Roman (1st-$500-)2267RUS*½1½½½11117/9
2Huang Youhe (2nd-$300-)2232CAN½*011110116.5/9
3Rusonik Max (T3rd-$?)2279CAN01*½0½11116/9
 Jaferian Koosha (T3rd-$?)2355IRI½0½*½1111½6/9
5Plotkin Victor (M15-Rk8)2414CAN½01½*10?115/8
6Malakhovets Sergey 2198CAN½0½00*01114/9
7Shih Matthew 2165USA000011*0013/9
 Barron Michael (M15-Rk8)2277CAN0100 ?01*103/8
9Gandolfi Fred 2194CAN00000010*12/9
10Derraugh Geordie 2337CAN000½00010*1.5/9

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