ACC Tournament Play Is Returning… Soon

UPDATE: We had been planning to open in January 2022, but, given the current situation, we will be closed through January and hope to open sometime in February.

Annex Chess Club is planning to open for both tournament and casual play in January 2021.

After a month of safe club operation, in which we’ve seen as many as forty players a night join us for casual play, we are confident that our COVID protocols are effective at keeping our members safe without being unduly onerous.

We’ve been delighted to welcome back so many of our long-time members and welcome many new people to our club!

ACC will be closed for the holiday on December 20, 27 and January 3 2022.

Our first tournament will be named in honour of long-time ACC member, our departed friend Peter McSherry. Tentatively the first round of our tournament will be on January 10, 2022.

We look forward to a safe, prosperous and chess-filled 2022.

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