Chess Classes are starting this week!

Looking for something new to do? Why not stretch your mental muscles with some chess lessons!

Sign up for a chess class

Annex Chess Club in downtown Toronto has evening Live Online chess classes for adults and children – for absolute beginners or for those who want to take their game to the next level.

Register online for summer advanced classes. Or, if you’re new to this game, try a FREE 4-week adult beginner class, starting Monday July 6. The new Thursday night adult advanced course starts July 23 for tournament players looking to improve!

Here’s the outline for this round of the advanced course:
week 1) How to Break Fortresses
week 2) Pawn Chains
week 3) Principles of Defence
week 4) Introduction to Hypermodern Strategy
week 5) Importance of Methodology in the Openings
week 6) What I Learned from the Classics

Feature photo is American GM Maurice Ashley playing some park chess in Washington Square – see the YouTube video.

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