New adult course prepares students for tournament play

Tournament Prep Course starts March 18

Monday nights, 7:15-8:15pm, 459 Bloor Street West, March 18 to May 6

$168 for 7 weeks – all materials provided

Have you thought about getting into tournament chess? Here’s a new course that gets you ready to do just that!

Taught by professional chess instructor, Cameron Robertson, this 7-week course covers all the basic elements of tournament chess and gives you the tools to continue to learn on your own.

Here’s an outline of what you’ll learn, or download the PDF.

Week 1 – Starting Line
– Notation Review
– Tournament Play + Clock Play – Expectations
– Setting goals
– Understanding Classes of Openings

Material: Starting Opening List

Week 2 – Openings
– Basics – review for both white and black – first several moves for each of French, Italian, Ruy Lopez, Sicilian, Queen’s Gambit, King’s Gambit
– Concept of variations
– Developing a style over time

Material: Opening List Continued

After week 2 we will have the Tools to continue to explore openings on our own.

Week 3 – Middle Game: Position
– Continuing from Openings to understanding Position
– Strengths and Weaknesses in Position
– Defence and Attack

Material: Positions Worksheet

Week 4 – Middle Game: Tactics
– Understanding Tactics – Tools of Attack
– Calculating Thoroughly – Examining all the Possibilities

Material: Tactics Compilation 1

After week 4 we will have positional vision and understand how to use tactics to our advantage.

Week 5 – End Game: Strategies
– Understanding the Endgame
– Toolbox for Endgame

Material: Endgame Tactics

Week 6 – End Game: Bringing it Together
– How the Middle Game transitions into the Endgame
– Setting yourself up for a strong End Game

Material: Tactics Compilation 2

After Week 6 you should feel comfortable in all stages of a chess game.

Week 7 – Analysis and Regimen
– Computer Analysis (chess engines)
– Online play and time control (avoid blitz)
– Setting goals (reinforce)
– Further Notation
– Setting yourself up for Success – Tactics, Practice and Theory

Material: Tactics Compilation 3 and Games List

After the Program you will be prepared for tournament play and have all the tools to further your chess game.

Come to Annex Chess Club on Monday night to register on site. See you there!

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