ACC Club Championship 2019

It’s that time of year again!

Club Championship starts February 11

It’s time for another edition of our annual Club Championship! (Check out the club championship tag for past editions!)

The format for the Club Championship is a little different than our regular Swisses: six rounds and just two sections, Championship and Reserve.

Club Championship trophies

The Championship section sees the top players at our club vie for the title of 2019 Club Champion! Sergey Noritsyn is the defending champion. The minimum rating to enter the section is 1700.

The Reserve section sees players rated under 1800 compete for the title of 2019 Reserve Champion. Last year it was Michael Saltat.

All are welcome!

All are welcome to join us for the event, but only full-year members are eligible to win the Club Champion and Reserve Champion titles. Winners’ names will be engraved on permanent trophies at the club.

Rounds are at 7:30 pm on six Monday evenings, starting February 11 and running to March 25 (no round on Family Day, February 18). Registered players may request a bye by email before 6:00 pm. New players are asked to please register on site by 7:00 to make sure that you’re paired for the night’s round.

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Round One – February 11

The tournament gets under way with 9 players in the Championship section and 28 in the Reserves. We’re off next week for Family Day, but new players are welcome to join in Round Two.

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CLOSED – February 18

We’re closed for Family Day, so it’s an off-week for the tournament, but don’t miss the Hart House Reading Week Open!

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Round Two – February 25

After two rounds, Josh Guo leads the Championship with a perfect 2.0/2. Dave Southam, Sergey Malakhovets, Shawn Talsma, and Michael Bitton are just a half point behind with 1.5/2. In the Reserve section, there’s still a big tie with five players tied for the lead at 2.0/2.

Here’s a game from the top section.

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Round Three – March 4

After three rounds, there’s a tie for the lead in the Championship section as Josh Guo and Sergey Malkhovets each have 2.5/3. In the Reserves, only two players are still perfect as Lucy Gao and Colton Belanger share the lead at 3.0/3.
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Round Four – March 11

After four rounds, Josh Guo is alone again in first with 3.5/4 in the Championship section. With two rounds to go, can anyone catch him? In the Reserves, Colton Belanger is still perfect with 4.0/4. Can he make it a perfect 6.0/6?

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Round Five – March 18

Josh Guo now has a commanding lead with 4.5/5 going into the last round. It looks like a new Club Champion will be crowned this year!
In the Reserves, Colton Belanger is held to a draw, but still leads with 4.5/5.

See results below. Or check full details at chess-results.

One more round to go…

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Round Six – March 25

The final round!

Ranking cross-tables after Round 5

ACC Club Championship – Championship section

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Guo Josh 2253 CAN 6b1 10w1 2b½ 4w1 -1 4.5
2 Southam David 2216 CAN 4w½ 11b1 1w½ 8b1 6w1 4
3 Malakhovets Sergey 2070 CAN 5b1 7w1 0 3
4 Bitton Michael 1841 CAN 2b½ 5w1 1b0 -1 3
5 Fines John 1834 CAN 3w0 4b0 11w1 12b1 2.5
6 Gao Raymond 1985 CAN 1w0 11b1 2b0 2
7 Talsma Shawn 1893 CAN 8b1 3b0 0 2
8 England Max 2044 CAN 9b½ 7w0 10b+ 2w0 2
9 Humphreys Michael 2338 CAN 8w½ 0 0 1.5
10 Saucedo Jorge 1926 MEX 11w1 1b0 8w- 0 0 1
11 Chen Sihao 1700 CAN 10b0 2w0 5b0 6w0 -1 1
12 Ogunlana Ayo 1765 CAN 0 5w0 0 1

ACC Club Championship – Reserve section

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Belanger Colton 1499 CAN 27b1 37b1 7w1 6w1 3b½ 4.5
2 Furrow Matthew 1659 CAN 32b1 22w½ 7b1 9w1 4
3 Belcadi Salim 1583 CAN 14w1 12b1 5w½ 15b1 1w½ 4
4 Phillips Arthur 1585 CAN 25b1 0 22b1 15w1 3.5
5 Ivanov Venci 1785 CAN 18w½ 31b1 3b½ 11w1 6b½ 3.5
6 Gao Lucy 1543 CAN 20w+ 23b1 8w1 1b0 5w½ 3.5
7 Lambert Peter 1553 CAN 21b1 17w1 1b0 2w0 26b1 3
8 Gao William (zhimao) 1665 CAN 16b1 29w1 6b0 9b½ 14w½ 3
9 Saltat Michael 1574 CAN 19w½ 18b1 10b1 8w½ 2b0 3
10 Wagner Robert 1598 CAN 33b1 9w0 16b1 3
11 Dixon Javier 1330 CAN 37w1 22b½ 12w½ 5b0 21w1 3
12 Tuchow Ryan 1325 CAN 32b1 3w0 11b½ 22w1 3
13 Deol Gagan Deep 1638 CAN 36w1 21w1 0 3
14 Supol George 1424 CAN 3b0 38w+ -1 8b½ 3
15 Jevtic Dragan 1597 CAN 31w½ 19b1 24b1 3w0 4b0 2.5
16 Guo Richard 1211 CAN 8w0 20b½ 34w1 17b1 10w0 2.5
17 Lee Tommy 1000 CAN 30b1 7b0 16w0 29w1 2.5
18 Stefanovich-Thomson Alexis 1229 CAN 5b½ 9w0 31b1 2.5
19 D’souza Carina 1051 CAN 9b½ 15w0 30b1 2.5
20 Kamnitzer Benjamin 1003 CAN 6b- 16w½ 37b1 2.5
21 Zuo Zichen (roger) 1021 CAN 7w0 30w1 13b0 23w1 11b0 2
22 Schwartz Lorne 1593 CAN 38b1 11w½ 2b½ 4w0 12b0 2
23 Armstrong Robert J. 1527 CAN 6w0 21b0 32b1 2
24 Giffen Glenn 1529 CAN 26b1 15w0 0 2
25 Stroganov Victor 1481 CAN 4w0 31b1 0 2
26 Patton Mark A. 1228 CAN 24w0 35b1 7w0 2
27 Guo Rainyee 945 CAN 1w0 36b½ 32w0 37w1 2
28 Lillico Margarita 1244 CAN 33w0 34b- 34b+ 2
29 Ugodnikov Arkadiy 1660 CAN 8b0 31w0 32w1 17b0 1.5
30 Kalmanson Evgeny 1313 CAN 17w0 21b0 19w0 37b1 1.5
31 Tuong Rose 1068 CAN 15b½ 5w0 29b1 25w0 18w0 1.5
32 Yin Lucas 200 CAN 12w0 2w0 27b1 29b0 23w0 1
33 Moiseev Alex 1153 CAN 10w0 0 28b1 0 0 1
34 Zhao Samuel 1224 CAN 16b0 28w- 28w- 1
35 Stroganov Valery 1425 CAN 0 26w0 0 1
36 Rogers John A 1191 CAN 13b0 27w½ 0 0 0 0.5
37 Souchko Larissa 854 CAN 11b0 1w0 20w0 27b0 30w0 0
38 Teram Eli 1059 CAN 22w0 14b- 0 0 0 0
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  1. Sorry for the bad/unwise use of wording; what I meant was: despite being in charge of bids, I was wondering if ACC would like to host it again this year. Please prepare a bid ASAP if interested. Thanks!

    That did sound a bit naive though :)

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