ACC Strawberry Season Swiss

June is the Strawberry Moon – Dewmin-Giizis (or Ode’min-Giizis) in the local Nishnaabe language. It’s strawberry season in Ontario, and farms outside the city will soon have pick-your-own available. Meanwhile, downtown Toronto chess players are playing in the ACC Strawberry Season Swiss.

ACC Strawberry Season Swiss is a five-round CFC-rated tournament in three sections, Crown, U1800, and U1400. Time control is 90 min/side with a 30-s increment. The round starts at 7:30 pm on Monday nights June 11 to July 23. (Off June 18 for the GTCL Cup and July 2 for Canada Day.) Register on site each round by 7 pm. Email registration or bye requests before 6pm.

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Round One – June 11

We’re off and running. Dave Southam gives up a Rd-1 draw to fall to third behind the top two seeds, Sergey Noritsyn and Sergey Malakhovets. See full results on the cross-table.

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Off-week – June 18

Don’t miss the GTCL Cup, Toronto’s Rapid Team Chess Championship. $20 per team, or $5 per player – free for ACC players. Put your team together and email it in, or we’ll put teams together between 6 pm and 7 pm on site.

Round Two – June 25

Sergey Malakhovets wins with black on top board to take a lead in the Crown section with 2.0/2 as Southam and Liao are tied for second at 1.5/2.

In U1800, it’s Robert Wagner and Hooshang Ab-Barin who are tied for the lead at 2.0/2.

And finally, in U1400, as one game runs late, nobody is perfect, but there’s a big tie for the lead at 1.5/2.

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Off-week – July 2

It’s a Canada Day long weekend! The club will be closed.

Round Three – July 9

We’re back up and running on July 9. It’s a bit of a strange night as many of our regulars are away for one reason or another, while quite a few new players drop in, especially in the casual section. If you’re in Toronto for whatever reason this summer, come check us out on a Monday night!

In the Crown, Dave Southam scores a win on Board 1 to take a share of the lead at 2.5/3 with Sergey Malakhovets.

In U1800, Toy Chack Kwan scores a win to take a share of the lead at 2.5/3 with Hooshang Ab-Barrin.

And in U1400, there’s a three-way tie for the lead with Ivan Noritsyn, Charlie Grisar, and Peter Lambert all sharing first with 2.5/3.

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Round Four – July 16

In U1400, Charlie Grisar takes sole possession of first place, rising to 3.5/4 with a win over Peter Lambert.

In U1800 play, Bharath Ramesh is proud of his miniature against the higher-rated Arkadiy Ugodnikov, while Hooshang Abbarin with a win over Toy Chack Kwan who takes sole first with 3.5/4.

And in the Crown, it’s Sergey Noritsyn in first with 3.0/4 with a win over Dave Southam.

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Round Five – July 23

With a win on top board, Sergey Noritsyn takes the tournament with a score of 4.0/5.
In U1800, Hooshang Ab-Barin wins his last-round game to take the section with 4.5/5.
And in U1400, Charlie Grisar scores a final win to take the section with 4.5/5.

Congratulation to the winners! See full results below.

Join us for a new club tournament starting July 30 – next week! New players are always welcome. Please email before 6:00, or register on site before 7:00 pm to sign up. You need both CFC and club membership, but both can be purchased from us, and we have a variety of club membership options available. If you’re already signed up, but you can’t make it, again please email before 6:00 pm to let us know so we don’t put you in the pairings.

Final Ranking cross-tables after Round 5

ACC Strawberry Season Swiss – Crown section

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Noritsyn Sergey 2284 CAN 8b1 2w0 10b1 4b1 5w1 4
2 Malakhovets Sergey 2122 CAN 3b1 1b1 5w0 4w1 3.5
3 Bitton Michael 1726 CAN 2w0 8w1 5b0 9b1 10w1 3
4 Southam David 2176 CAN 9w½ 5b1 6b1 1w0 2b0 2.5
5 Subramanian Arun 1959 CAN 4w0 3w1 2b1 1b0 2.5
6 Liao Run Ming 1761 CAN 9b1 4w0 0 2
7 Guo Josh 2232 CAN 0 0 8b1 2
8 Fines John 1907 CAN 1w0 3b0 9w1 10b½ 7w0 1.5
9 Tavana Joseph 1739 CAN 4b½ 6w0 8b0 3w0 -1 1.5
10 Gao Raymond 1762 CAN 1w0 8w½ 3b0 1.5

Updated results are also available on the Chess-Results server.

ACC Strawberry Season Swiss – U1800 section

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Ab-Barin Hooshang 1545 CAN 5b1 13b1 10w1 3w1 4.5
2 Wagner Robert 1568 CAN 15b1 18w1 10b0 8w1 3.5
3 Daldal Erdem 1705 CAN 18b0 9w1 19b1 11w1 1b0 3
4 Ugodnikov Arkadiy 1689 CAN 19w0 14b1 15w1 6b0 10b1 3
5 Supol George 1331 CAN 1w0 11b0 14w1 13b1 16w1 3
6 Ramesh Bharath 1591 CAN 21b1 4w1 0 3
7 Gao William (zhimao) 1465 CAN 0 18w1 11b1 3
8 Saltat Michael 1626 CAN 10w0 22b1 9w1 2b0 2.5
9 Gao Lucy 1576 CAN 14w½ 3b0 21w1 8b0 15w1 2.5
10 Kwan Toy Chack 1505 CAN 8b1 2w1 1b0 4w0 2.5
11 Jevtic Dragan 1630 CAN 20b0 5w1 16b1 3b0 7w0 2
12 Moiseev Alex 1182 CAN 18b1 0 0 2
13 Li Yun Hong (kevin) 1741 CAN 22b1 1w0 0 5w0 21b½ 1.5
14 Kalmanson Evgeny 1447 CAN 9b½ 4w0 5b0 22w1 0 1.5
15 Belanger Colton 1281 CAN 2w0 21w1 4b0 9b0 1.5
16 Stroganov Victor 1297 CAN 11w0 5b0 1.5
17 Randle Bill 1094 CAN 0 21b½ 0 1.5
18 Schwartz Lorne 1542 CAN 3w1 2b0 12w0 7b0 0 1
19 Armstrong Robert J. 1529 CAN 4b1 0 3w0 0 0 1
20 Terra Arthur Schneider 1518 BRA 11w1 0 0 0 0 1
21 Dixon Javier 1483 CAN 6w0 15b0 9b0 17w½ 13w½ 1
22 Stefanovich-Thomson Alexis 1329 CAN 13w0 8w0 14b0 0 0.5

Updated results are also available on the Chess-Results server.

ACC Strawberry Season Swiss – U1400 section

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Grisar Charlie 1232 CAN 2w½ 13b+ 3b1 6w1 5b1 4.5
2 Noritsyn Ivan 969 CAN 1b½ 4w1 7b1 5w0 6b½ 3
3 Davies Philip 1298 CAN 12b1 6w½ 1w0 4b½ 10w1 3
4 Teram Eli 989 CAN 11w½ 2b0 10w1 3w½ 7b1 3
5 Shogilev Sandon 1125 CAN 7w1 2b1 1w0 3
6 Lambert Peter 1185 CAN 9w1 3b½ -1 1b0 2w½ 3
7 Souchko Larissa 963 CAN 13w1 5b0 2w0 10b1 4w0 2
8 Stroganov Victor 1297 CAN 14w1 0 0 0 1.5
9 Brent-Hurst Liam 0 CAN 6b0 12w- -1 0 1.5
10 D’Souza Carina 0 CAN 4b0 7w0 3b0 1
11 Wadhwa Rymn 902 CAN 4b½ 0 0 0 1
12 Moiseev Alex 1182 CAN 3w0 9b- 0 1
13 Patton Mark A. 1192 CAN 7b0 1w- 0 0 0 0
14 Kamnitzer Benjamin 1003 CAN 8b0 0 0 0 0 0

Updated results are also available on the Chess-Results server.

5 thoughts on “ACC Strawberry Season Swiss”

  1. Dear Sirs :
    I did not enjoy my pairing in the Strawberry Season
    Tournament. I did play that person three times. Also,
    the tournament director did not silence the other players surrounding me. There should be silence in the playing hall. All tournaments in my experience were silent. This is an affront to me as a player. Furthermore, it must be more of a club future
    that analysing or discussing a game must retire to the casual table. Analysing or discussing a game must needs be done at the casual table. This is to prevent the distraction of tournament players even if the casual players don’t like it(I notice those at the causal table try and prevent tournament players from this ).In closing let me say we as members should be informed of our rights and those I have previously stated. This could easily be done at start of a tournament by the tournament director. Yours Sincerely, Mark A. Patton

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Mark. We do try to keep casual players quiet, but you’re certainly welcome to come speak to us during the game if anything in the environment is a distraction, whether it’s your opponent, other players, or anything else.

      It does happen at a club that you play the same people more frequently. Our current sections range from 6 to 20 players, so that’s a smaller pool than at larger weekend events, for example. It can also be interesting sometimes to have a running series against the same opponent.

      In any case, thanks for sharing your experience, and we’ll certainly do what we can to minimize distractions.

  2. Round 5 of the current Strawberry Season Swiss should read July 23rd (above), not July 25th. Now if only I can be as observant during my chess games!

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