Study the Openings with a top Canadian Master!

ACC is proud to announce a new Openings Crash Course by IM Artiom Samsonkin, starting this Monday November 20.

Strengthen your play in the opening phase of the game. Learn the concepts behind some of the most popular contemporary openings. Learn how to choose an opening repertoire, and how to study openings properly. Transition smoothly from your opening to a solid middle game. Many players try to figure out openings on their own from books and videos, but this course will allow you to have a live conversation and really get to understand what is going on in these positions from both sides.

This is an amazing chance to gain a solid foundation in practical opening study and execution from one of Canada’s top players.

This 4-week course, Nov 20 to Dec 11 at 8:15 is just $96. Or take a single class for $35. Come register this Monday!

  • Week One: The Italian Game
  • Week Two: The French Defence
  • Week Three: The Sicilian Defence
  • Week Four: The Queen’s Gambit

UPDATE: The course didn’t start on Nov 20, but a number of players seemed interested. Send us an email if you’re interested and we’ll try to re-launch it, either next week or in the new year.

Check our complete adult and kids’ course offerings this term.

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