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Our latest chess tournament is named for the big brown beetles that seem to show up out of nowhere in June. Part of the scarab family, June bugs are usually considered a pest. Personally, I’ve always found them humorously clumsy; they always seem to be flying into walls, getting stuck on their back, or moving slowly and awkwardly across the ground, dragging their big belly with scrabbling legs.

Running through June from May 29 to July 10, the ACC June Bug Swiss is a 5-round club tournament in three sections, Masters, U2200, and U1600. Yes, those cut-offs are a little different than normal – partly because it’s nice to mix up the sections to give people some new opponents, but mostly because we’re trying an experiment with this tournament, making the Masters section a little more exclusive in the hopes of attracting some new strong players.

Accordingly, our three sections are the new Masters section, then U2200, and then U1600. As always, those within 100 points of the cut-off may request to play up in the next higher section. E.g., a 2120 would naturally be in the U2200 section, but could request to play in the Masters. Similarly a 1530 would naturally be placed in U1600, but could request to play in U2200.

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Round One – May 29

The tournament starts with 31 players in three sections. The Masters section has a very low turn-out with just one player. We already have some additional entries for Round Two!

In U2200, there are some big rating differences in the first round, and at the end of the night the results on the pairing sheet show a zig-zag pattern indicating a sweep by the rating favourites. In U1600, two unrated players play their first standard CFC-rated tournament game, Benjamin Kamnizer, who loses to Evgeny Kalmanson, and Akshay Seshadri, who wins against Reza Anghaie. Otherwise, the section is also a sweep for the rating favourites. See full results below.

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Round Two – June 5

The Masters section doubles in the second round with two players now registered. William Li defeats Dave Southam to stay in first with 2.0/2.

In U2200, four 1900s face off on the top boards. Shawn Talsma and John Fines are victorious and now tied for the lead at 2.0/2.

In U1600, both unrated players are on the board as Benjamin Kamnitzer wins his game. Tied for the lead with 2.0/2 are Shabnam Abbarin, Gregory Szucs, and George Supol.

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Round Three – June 12

In the Masters section, Sergey Noritsyn joins and defeats William Li. The two are now tied at 2.0/3. In U2200 action, John Fines defeats Shawn Talsma to take sole first with a perfect score of 3.0/3. And in U1600, Shabnam Abbarin stays perfect at 3.0/3 with a win over George Supol, while Gregory Szucs and Bill Randle are just half a point behind at 2.5/3.

Off-week – June 19

ACC is hosting the GTCL Cup. Free for Annex members. Make a team or we’ll put you on one for this one-night four-on-four rapid teams event. Our regular club tournament takes a break to allow players to participate.

Round Four – June 26

The tournament resumes. In the Masters section, Sergey Malakhovets joins and defeats William Li to join a now 3-way tie for the lead at 2.0/4. John Fines draws Arkadiy Ugodnikov, but still leads U2200 with 3.5/4. And Gregory Szucs beats Shabnam Abbarin to take first place in U1600.

Off-week – July 3

It’s Canada Day weekend and ACC is closed.

Round Five – July 10

Final round. Sergey Malakhovets draws Dave Southam to take the tournament with just 2.5/5. John Fines earns a forfeit win to take U2200 with 4.5/5. And Gregory Szucs draws Javier Dixon to take U1600 with 4.0/5, tied with Shabnam Abbarin but with a better head-to-head tiebreak, having beaten her in Round 4.

Congratulations, Sergey, John, and Gregory!

The final cross-table is below. Please join us next week for our special GM Aryan Chopra event with and July 24 for Rd. 1 of our Summer in the City Swiss.

Final Ranking cross-tables after Round 5

ACC June Bug Swiss – Masters

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Malakhovets Sergey 2103 CAN 0 2w1 5b½ 2.5
2 Li William 2142 CAN -1 5b1 3w0 1b0 4w0 2
3 Noritsyn Sergey 2248 CAN 2b1 0 0 2
4 Guo Josh 2225 CAN 0 0 2b1 2
5 Southam David 2263 CAN 2w0 6b½ 1w½ 2
6 Wang Lidong 2128 USA 0 5w½ 0 1.5

Check updated results on chess-results.

ACC June Bug Swiss – U2200

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Fines John 1961 CAN 6w1 2b1 4w1 3b½ -1 4.5
2 Malmsten Erik 1922 CAN 11b1 1w0 5b1 9w1 3b1 4
3 Ugodnikov Arkadiy 1722 CAN 10b1 1w½ 2w0 2.5
4 Talsma Shawn 1937 CAN 13w1 9b1 1b0 0 0 2
5 Pei Eric 1559 CAN 9w0 11b1 2w0 10w0 6b1 2
6 Hanratty Brian 1674 CAN 1b0 9w½ 12b1 5w0 2
7 Ab-Barin Hooshang 1723 CAN 0 0 11b1 2
8 Gao Raymond 1483 CAN 0 11w1 0 2
9 Mcsherry Peter 1953 CAN 5b1 4w0 6b½ 2b0 0 1.5
10 Belcadi Salim 1589 CAN 3w0 11w0 5b1 0 1.5
11 Chen Harry (siqi) 1525 CAN 2w0 5w0 10b1 8b0 7w0 1
12 Ning Eric 1922 CAN 0 6w0 0 1
13 Armstrong Robert J. 1527 CAN 4b0 0 0 0 0 0

Check updated results on chess-results.

ACC June Bug Swiss – U1600

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Szucs Gregory 1415 CAN 11w1 6b1 2w1 4b½ 4
2 Abbarin Shabnam 1442 CAN 10w1 4b1 7w1 1b0 5w1 4
3 Patton Mark A. 1285 CAN 23w1 13b½ 5w0 19b1 8b1 3.5
4 Dixon Javier 1314 CAN 29b1 2w0 10b1 6w1 1w½ 3.5
5 Gelowitz Mark A. 1412 CAN 19b1 24w0 3b1 9w1 2b0 3
6 Kalmanson Evgeny 1211 CAN 20b1 1w0 16b1 4b0 19w1 3
7 Supol George 1368 CAN 21w1 12b1 2b0 8w1 0 3
8 Randle Bill 1233 CAN 28b1 -1 7b0 3w0 2.5
9 Mcmillan Alan 1227 CAN 25w1 0 20b1 5b0 0 2
10 Dong Yiwei 1064 CAN 2b0 29w1 4w0 27b1 0 2
11 Pancer Jeff 1002 CAN 1b0 22w1 0 0 25b1 2
12 Seshadri Akshay 0 CAN 22b1 7w0 28w1 0 0 2
13 Jevtic Dragan 1425 CAN 15b1 3w½ 0 0 2
14 Ai Amy 1180 CAN 19w0 22b1 0 2
15 Teram Eli 1011 CAN 13w0 0 23b1 2
16 Matetski Konstantin 0 CAN 6w0 21b1 0 2
17 Ma Yue Ran 1395 CAN 0 0 22w1 2
18 Hibbard Linda 0 CAN 0 0 21w1 2
19 Souchko Larissa 983 CAN 5w0 14b1 3w0 6b0 1.5
20 Kamnitzer Benjamin 0 CAN 6w0 21b1 9w0 0 1.5
21 Bahry Timothy 943 CAN 7b0 20w0 23b1 16w0 18b0 1
22 Anghaie Reza 891 CAN 12w0 11b0 29b1 14w0 17b0 1
23 Ellis Cody 900 CAN 3b0 0 21w0 26b1 15w0 1
24 Wilker Marcus 1601 CAN 0 5b1 0 0 0 1
25 Noftle Madisin 776 CAN 9b0 0 -1 0 11w0 1
26 Qiu James 1168 CAN 0 23w0 0 1
27 Gao Lucy 1074 CAN 0 10w0 0 1
28 David Jean-Marc 1440 CAN 8w0 12b0 0 0 0.5
29 Noritsyn Ivan 933 CAN 4w0 10b0 22w0 0 0 0

Check updated results on chess-results.

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For more on June bugs, also known as June beetles, May bugs, etc., see the Encyclopedia Brittanica article.

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    1. Thanks Dave, I fixed the date. I’m going to see if I can grab the ACC computer before Monday to fix your ½-pt bye, because there’s also an incorrect result in U1600 – Shabnam won her game against George.

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