Openings Course starts Monday

Along with our regular beginner and intermediate adult chess classes, we have a new offering starting on January 9.

It’s an Introductory Survey of the Chess Openings. Beloved chess teacher, Artiom Samsonkin, will walk you through a complete opening repertoire for both sides in this 7-week course. The focus is on applying four fundamental principles: piece activity, king safety, pawn structure, and material.

Here is Artiom’s own video introduction.

  • Do some of your games get off to a good start while in others you are soon in hot water?
  • Are you looking for a way to make a smooth transition from the opening into a playable middlegame position where you can test your skills?

Course layout:
The first half of the course will work on building a repertoire for White, focusing on the Open Spanish, and preparing to meet the solid French and the dangerous Sicilian, as well as meeting sidelines such as the Pirc. The second half builds a repertoire for Black, preparing to meet both 1.e4 (with an Open Game) and 1.d4 (with the Nimzo Indian) as well as sidelines.

Learning goal:
Students will finish the course able to play one or two openings for both sides with confidence. More importantly, your games will be more stable and consistent, as you regularly get your pieces developed harmoniously and your king to safety, ready to test your skills in a good middlegame position.

Chess level:
This course is aimed at an intermediate level. Players should already know how the pieces move, and should have some idea how to assess piece activity, material, king safety, and pawn structure. Tournament players rated 1000-1600 may also be interested in the course.

Everyone welcome!
If you’re not sure whether this is going to be right for you, come try it out and see if it works.

Monday nights, 8:15 to 9:15 pm
January 9 to February 27
$140 for 7 weeks
All equipment and materials provided.
Casual club membership included for the duration of the course.

Register on site January 9. Save the date!
Questions? Please contact

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