2016 Toronto Blitz Championship – June 26

The 2016 Toronto Blitz Championship is Sunday June 26 – part of the Harbourfront Centre Chessfest

last-round games (photo: John Upper)
last-round games (photo: John Upper)
Co-champions Nikolay Noritsyn and Artiom Samsonkin
Co-champions Nikolay Noritsyn and Artiom Samsonkin
(photo: John Upper)


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Online registration

http://guestli.st/418845 – advance registration by June 24


2016 Toronto Blitz

Advance Registration

Nikolay Noritsyn 2614
Artiom Samsonkin 2557
Peter Vavrak 2491
Shiyam Thavandiran 2474
Michael Song 2470
Mikhail Ivanov 2389
Geordie Derraugh 2336
Mark Plotkin 2321
Michael Barron 2309
Eddie Mark 2275
Joseph Bellissimo 2251
John Upper 2201
Egidijus Zeromskis 2151
Daniel Zotkin 2125
Dmitry Chernik 2096
Jelvis Calvelo 2080
Benito Suriya 2001
Max England 1938
Alfred Lorenz 1807
Jonathan Hay 1747
Shafkat Ali 1641
Bharath Ramesh 1313
Hazel Guo 1276
Jeffrey Zhao 1168
Eric Pei 1137
Andrey Furukin
Michael McGovern
Viatcheslav Rek
Keith Sheppard

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    1. Hi, John. I don’t see your name on Guestlist. I’ll add your name on the list here, and if you talk to George on site, he can confirm if we got the payment in our PayPal. Can you see if payment went through in your end?

      1. Paid via credit card, so I can’t use PayPal to look for receipt. I did not get an email confirmation, is that normal?

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