2016 Annex Chess Club Championship

Club Championship starts February 9

It’s time for another edition of our annual Club Championship! (Check out the club championship tag for past editions!)

Instead of the three sections our tournaments usually have, this one has just two larger sections, so hopefully everyone has a chance to play some new opponents – even if some of the games will be more mismatched!

The Championship section sees the top players at our club vie for the title of 2016 Club Champion! Michael Humphreys has held the honour for quite some time now – four years in a row! – but this could be the year he’s unseated! The Championship section will be FIDE-rated, and the minimum rating to enter the section is 1700.

The Reserve section sees players rated under 1800 compete for the title of 2016 Reserve Champion, as defending 2015 winner Greg Beal seeks to reclaim the title for another year! (Note that players rated 1700 to 1799 are normally placed in the Reserve section, but they can also opt to play up in the Championship section.)

Club Championship trophies

All are welcome!

All are welcome to join us for the event, but only full-year members are eligible to win the Club Champion and Reserve Champion titles. Winners’ names will be engraved on permanent trophies at the club.

Rounds are at 7:30 pm on six consecutive Monday evenings, starting February 9 and running to March 21. (Note, however, there is no round on Family Day, February 15.) New players are asked to please register by 7:00 to make sure that you’re paired for the night’s round.

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Round One – February 9

With larger sections, there are even greater mismatches in Round 1, but some of the underdogs still manage to come out on top!

In the Championship section, Fernando Marshall (1995) scores an upset victory over Sergey Malakhovets (2176).

And in the Reserve section, there’s even more turmoil as Zhong Zhao (1399) takes out Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy (1664), Howard Halim (1068) is victorious over Dragan Jevtic (1555), and newcomer Gregory Szucs (unr.) defeats George Supol (1447)

Winners will face winners in Rd 2, February 22. (There is no round on February 15, as the club is CLOSED for Family Day.)

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Round Two – February 22

In the Championship section, it’s down to a two-way tie for the lead as only Dave Southam stays even with defending Club Champion Michael Humphreys after second-seed Joseph Bellissimo is upset by William Li and third-seed Jon Yu takes a bye. Humphreys and Southam both have 2.0/2.

In the Reserve section, it’s a four-way tie at the top as Bob Armstrong, Ulli Diemer, and Max England keep pace with defending 2015 Reserve winner Greg Beal at 2.0/2.

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Round Three – February 29

2016 is a leap year, and yes, we’re spending that extra day playing chess!

In the Championship, Michael Humphreys defeats Dave Southam to take sole possession of first place with 3.0/3. Five players are hot on his heels, a point behind at 2.0/3. Anything can happen in three more rounds.

In the Reserve section, Max England and Bob Armstrong are tied for the lead with 3.0/3. Marko Stevelic is a half point at 2.5/3, and another eight players are waiting in the wings with 2.0/2. That makes a lot of contenders not ruled out!

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Round Four – March 7

Out of nowhere, Hugh Siddeley scores a win over Michael Humphreys to take equal first at 3.0/4 – with a better tie break based on the head-to-head result. Wow, this just got a lot more interesting!

Before this defeat, Humphreys had an unbeaten run of +22 =5 (including 3 wins against Siddeley)!! Of course, for many, he’s still a big favourite to win his 5th in a row!

In the U1800 section, Max England defeats Bob Armstrong to take sole first with a perfect 4.0/4. Can he survive another two rounds?

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Round Five – March 14

He’s back in the lead! On the top boards of the Championship section, Michael Humphreys squeezes a win from a rook ending against Alex Ferreira (see game below) while Hugh Siddeley draws Armand Jess Mendoza.

So Humphreys goes into the final round with 4.0/5 and a half-point lead over Siddeley, who stands at 3.5. Among the 3.0 group, William Li and Daniel Wiebe are the only players in the top six who have not yet faced Humphreys, so one of them is likely to get his chance in the final round.

In the Reserves, Max England draws his game against top seed Kamran Amirirad to hold sole possession of first. England enters the last round with 4.5/5 and a half-point lead over Zhong Zhao, who has 4.0. The two have not yet played, so they will likely face off in the final round.

Game of the Week

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Round Six – March 21

Michael Humphreys wins his game to hold sole first place at 5.0/6, so he earns the title of Club Champion once again – five times in a row! Congratulations, Michael!

Also winning their last round games are Dave Southam and William Li (see game below) who finish second and third with 4.0/6.

And the Reserve winner, with another victory in Round 6, is 10-year-old Max England, finishing undefeated with 5.5/6. He’s a junior who’s been playing at Annex for a few years now, starting out in the under-1500 section. Congratulations, Max! What a great accomplishment!


Finishing in second and third with 4.5/6 are Bob Armstrong and Kamran Amirirad.

See complete results below.

Game of the Week

The club is closed March 28, but a new regular club tournament starts April 4, alongside the Toronto Closed – games start at 7:30 pm. New players are always welcome: register by 7:00 to make sure you’re paired!

Final Standings after Round Six

SwissSys Standings. Annex Chess Club Championship 2016: Championship section

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot
1 Michael Humphreys 2349 W6 (w) W9 (b) W2 (w) L4 (b) W10 (w) W8 (b) 5.0
2 David Southam 2221 W16 (b) W4 (w) L1 (b) D8 (w) D5 (b) W6 (w) 4.0
3 William Li 1960 D14 (w) W5 (b) D15 (w) L10 (b) W9 (w) W4 (b) 4.0
4 Hugh Siddeley 2085 W11 (w) L2 (b) W14 (b) W1 (w) D6 (b) L3 (w) 3.5
5 Joseph Bellissimo 2257 D8 (b) L3 (w) W12 (b) H— (-) D2 (w) W11 (w) 3.5
6 Armand Jess Mendoza 2076 L1 (b) D12 (w) B— (-) W9 (b) D4 (w) L2 (b) 3.0
7 Miroslav Stefanovic 2029 L13 (b) H— (-) L10 (w) W12 (w) H— (-) W14 (b) 3.0
8 Daniel Wiebe 2064 D5 (w) W10 (b) H— (-) D2 (b) H— (-) L1 (w) 3.0
9 Fernando Marshall 1995 W12 (b) L1 (w) D11 (b) L6 (w) L3 (b) W16 (w) 2.5
10 Alex T. Ferreira 2126 H— (-) L8 (w) W7 (b) W3 (w) L1 (b) U— (-) 2.5
11 Tigran Ghazarian 1718 L4 (b) B— (-) D9 (w) D16 (w) H— (-) L5 (b) 2.5
12 Sergey Malakhovets 2176 L9 (w) D6 (b) L5 (w) L7 (b) W16 (b) W17 (w) 2.5
13 Jonathan Yu 2237 W7 (w) H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 2.0
14 Daniel Zotkin 2094 D3 (b) H— (-) L4 (w) H— (-) D15 (b) L7 (w) 2.0
15 Josh Guo 2250 H— (-) H— (-) D3 (b) U— (-) D14 (w) U— (-) 2.0
16 Arkadiy Ugodnikov 2000 L2 (w) H— (-) H— (-) D11 (b) L12 (w) L9 (b) 1.5
17 Jacob Stein 1894 H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) L12 (b) 1.0

SwissSys Standings. Annex Chess Club Championship 2016: Reserve section

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot
1 Max England 1667 W15 (b) W22 (w) W7 (b) W2 (w) D3 (b) W4 (w) 5.5
2 Robert J. Armstrong 1526 W11 (w) W3 (w) W16 (b) L1 (b) D7 (w) W8 (b) 4.5
3 Kamran Amirirad 1798 W30 (w) L2 (b) W12 (w) W8 (b) D1 (w) W7 (b) 4.5
4 Zhong Zhao 1399 W10 (b) L7 (w) W19 (b) W12 (w) W5 (w) L1 (b) 4.0
5 Harry [Siqi] Chen 1437 H— (-) H— (-) W25 (w) W16 (w) L4 (b) W10 (b) 4.0
6 Howard Halim 1068 W14 (w) L12 (b) H— (-) W9 (b) L10 (w) W13 (b) 3.5
7 Ulli Diemer 1557 W29 (w) W4 (b) L1 (w) W10 (w) D2 (b) L3 (w) 3.5
8 Marko Stevelic 1321 H— (-) W11 (b) W9 (w) L3 (w) W14 (b) L2 (w) 3.5
9 Richard Morrison 1500 W24 (b) H— (-) L8 (b) L6 (w) W17 (w) W14 (b) 3.5
10 Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy 1664 L4 (w) W29 (b) W20 (w) L7 (b) W6 (b) L5 (w) 3.0
11 Larissa Souchko 999 L2 (b) L8 (w) L15 (b) W28 (w) B— (-) W27 (b) 3.0
12 Henry XianRui Zhang 1189 H— (-) W6 (w) L3 (b) L4 (b) H— (-) W19 (w) 3.0
13 Mark A. Gelowitz 1394 L16 (w) W23 (b) H— (-) H— (-) W19 (b) L6 (w) 3.0
14 Dragan Jevtic 1555 L6 (b) W15 (w) W26 (b) H— (-) L8 (w) L9 (w) 2.5
15 Joshua Allen 1406 L1 (w) L14 (b) W11 (w) H— (-) U— (-) W20 (b) 2.5
16 Greg Beal 1643 W13 (b) W19 (w) L2 (w) L5 (b) U— (-) U— (-) 2.0
17 Adam Goldfarb 1338 H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) W24 (w) L9 (b) U— (-) 2.0
18 Michael Finkelstein 1067 H— (-) H— (-) X22 (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 2.0
19 Gregory Szucs unr. W23 (w) L16 (b) L4 (w) W20 (b) L13 (w) L12 (b) 2.0
20 Benjamin Thalman 1331 H— (-) H— (-) L10 (b) L19 (w) W21 (b) L15 (w) 2.0
21 Marcus Wilker 1625 H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) U— (-) L20 (w) W23 (b) 2.0
22 Akop Tozlian 1500 W28 (w) L1 (b) F18 (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 1.0
23 George Supol 1447 L19 (b) L13 (w) H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) L21 (w) 1.0
24 Jacob Tobin 873 L9 (w) H— (-) H— (-) L17 (b) U— (-) U— (-) 1.0
25 Alex Moiseev 677 H— (-) H— (-) L5 (b) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 1.0
26 Jeff Pancer 1097 H— (-) H— (-) L14 (w) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 1.0
27 Salim Belcadi unr. H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) L11 (w) 1.0
28 Larry Tobin 694 L22 (b) H— (-) H— (-) L11 (b) U— (-) U— (-) 1.0
29 Christopher Field 1195 L7 (b) L10 (w) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 0.0
30 Volkan Eryildir 1420 L3 (b) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 0.0


W = win (e.g., W9 means a win against player 9 – worth 1 point)
L = loss (0 pt)
D = draw (½ pt)
H = ½-pt bye (requested in advance or assigned on registration, max 2 per player, not in final round)
B = 1-pt bye (“forced bye” – e.g., odd number of players)
U = 0-pt bye (e.g., when max ½-pt byes previously awarded, or in final round)
F = forfeit loss (0 pt)
X = forfeit win (1 pt)
(b) = game played with black pieces
(w) = game played with white pieces

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  1. I am slightly eager to see the results after round 2, usually the results are updated pretty fast, but I don’t really know what happened this week.

    So can someone update it? It would be great. Thanks.

    1. Hi William.
      I followed our normal procedure when an ACC member renews their CFC membership through us, which is to email the CFC Admin of the renewal, on the day after we receive the funds.

      I am guessing that CFC typically batches its data entry, so it could take up to a week for the renewal to show up on the CFC website. I’ll send another email to CFC Admin.

    1. Round 6 is March 21. The club will be closed Easter Monday, March 28 – but you can get your Chess fix that weekend at the Hart House Spring Open!

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