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From Guy Fawkes celebrations to Irish Samhain to Indian Diwali, it’s a good time of year for a bonfire! Outdoor fires are illegal in the City of Toronto without a permit, but at Annex Chess Club we’re lighting up Monday evenings with our Bonfire Swiss chess tournament!

To accommodate our growing bottom section – and to make it more novice-friendly! – we’re lowering the cut-off between the two reserve sections and adding an extra round. (The extra round will also help with FIDE rating in the top section and with CFC bonus points!)

The Bonfire Swiss will be a six-round event from November 9 to December 14, in three sections: Crown (min. 1800 CFC), U1900 (min. 1300), and U1400.

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Round One – November 9

Round One of a Swiss sees some of the most mismatched games of the tournament, as the top half of each section is paired against the bottom half. This time there is just one upset, but also three games where the underdog manages a draw.

In the Crown section, William Li (1958) scores an upset victory over Alex Ferreira (2120), while Daniel Wiebe (2041) holds last tournament’s winner and second seed, Joseph Bellissimo (2260), to a draw.

In U1900 action, Mark Gelowitz (1437) draws Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy (1662), while Daniel Pirri (1501) draws Greg Beal (1699).

Its also nice to see a couple brand new, unrated players participating. A big welcome to Denis Gaudreault and Volkan Eryildir!

Round 1 Game of the Week

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Round Two – November 16

Through two rounds, there are only a few players in each section still with perfect records.

In the Crown section, there are just two players in the leader group: Michael Humphreys and Dave Southam have perfect 2.0/2 scores.

In U1900, the leader group consists of Tigran Ghazarian and Kamran Amirirad, with 2.0/2 records.

And in U1400, there are four players tied for the lead: Paul Panayotou, Chris Field, Howard Halim, and Nick Jafari have 2.0/2 through two rounds.

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Round Three – November 23

Third round battles on the top boards are decisive, and a clear leader emerges in all three sections. Will these leaders be able to maintain their lead through three more rounds?

In the Crown section, Michael Humphreys defeats co-leader Dave Southam to gain sole possession of first place with a perfect 3.0/3. Meanwhile, Joseph Bellissimo stays just a half point behind with a win over another strong young player, Daniel Zotkin.

In U1900, Kamran Amirirad defeats the talented youngster Tigran Ghazarian to keep a perfect 3.0/3 score and take clear first, while Max England stays half a point behind with a win over Hooshang Abbarin.

And in U1400, it’s Chris Field in clear first with 3.0/3 after a win over Howard Halim. Half a point behind at 2.5/3 are Adam Goldfarb, with a win over Nick Jafari, and Paul Panayotou, with a bye.

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Round Four – November 30

Round 4 sees the tournament leaders defend their positions and extend their leads!

In the Crown section, Michael Humphreys defeats Joseph Bellissimo to maintain a perfect score of 4.0/4. Dave Southam, with a win over Arkadiy Ugodnikov, stays just a point behind at 3.0/3.

In U1900, with a win over Max England, Kamran Amirirad also now leads by a full point at 4.0/4. And Tigran Ghazarian wins to stay close behind at 3.0/4.

In U1400, it’s Chris Field extending his perfect score to 4.0/4 with a win over Harry Chen. Adam Goldfarb and Paul Panayotou have 3.0/4.

Round 4 was also the last day of Movember, so don’t forget to help support our ACC Movember team, led by Michael Humphreys!

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Round Five – December 7

Round 5 sees a shake-up in the top and bottom sections as the leaders are defeated allowing contenders to catch up. It all comes down to the last round – and possibly tie-breaks!

In the Crown section, it’s Daniel Wiebe who takes down Michael Humphreys, allowing Dave Southam (with a win over Joseph Bellissimo) to tie for the lead with Humphreys at 4.0/5.

In U1900, there’s no such shake-up. Kamran Amirirad confidently takes a bye and holds onto his lead at 4.5/5. England, Ghazarian, and Vigneswaramoorthy are still a full point behind at 3.5/5.

In U1400, it’s Paul Panayotou who checks Chris Field’s undefeated streak and pulls into a 3-way tie for first with Field and Goldfarb at 4.0/5.

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Round Six – December 14

A site booking by another group sees Round 6 (the last round!) played beside a loud concert.

Unperturbed, leaders Michael Humphreys and Dave Southam both won their last-round games, so the tournament goes to Michael Humphreys on head-to-head tie-break! Congratulations, Michael!

In U1900, Kamran Amirirad had such a commanding lead that he was able to win the section without even playing the last round! Congratulations, Kamran!

Finally, in U1400, leaders Chris Field and Adam Goldfarb faced off, with Adam Goldfarb winning his game and the section. Congratulations, Adam!

See complete results below.

And don’t miss our last night of the year next week: a lecture, a blitz tournament, and a trip to the pub! Come on out and bring a friend!

Final Standings after Round 6

SwissSys Standings. ACC Bonfire Swiss: Crown section

# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 5 Tot
1 Michael Humphreys 131628 2342 W3 (w) W6 (b) W2 (w) W8 (w) L4 (b) W9 (b) 5.0
2 David Southam 102535 2192 W9 (w) W5 (b) L1 (b) W12 (w) W8 (b) W4 (w) 5.0
3 Sergey Malakhovets 158413 2092 L1 (b) D7 (w) W9 (b) W11 (w) W5 (b) D6 (w) 4.0
4 Daniel Wiebe 132137 2041 D8 (w) H— (-) D12 (b) W5 (w) W1 (w) L2 (b) 3.5
5 William Li 154677 1958 W10 (w) L2 (w) W11 (b) L4 (b) L3 (w) B— (-) 3.0
6 Daniel Zotkin 146857 2093 W7 (w) L1 (w) L8 (b) D10 (b) W12 (w) D3 (b) 3.0
7 Armand Jess Mendoza 156958 1872 L6 (b) D3 (b) D10 (w) L9 (w) B— (-) W8 (b) 3.0
8 Joseph Bellissimo 147544 2260 D4 (b) W13 (w) W6 (w) L1 (b) L2 (w) L7 (w) 2.5
9 Erik Malmsten 100196 1982 L2 (b) H— (-) L3 (w) W7 (b) W10 (w) L1 (w) 2.5
10 Alex T. Ferreira 127516 2120 L5 (b) H— (-) D7 (b) D6 (w) L9 (b) D11 (w) 2.0
11 Miroslav Stefanovic 154500 1968 H— (-) H— (-) L5 (w) L3 (b) D14 (w) D10 (b) 2.0
12 Arkadiy Ugodnikov 146626 1824 H— (-) H— (-) D4 (w) L2 (b) L6 (b) U— (-) 1.5
13 Josh Guo 105318 2257 H— (-) L8 (b) H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 1.5
14 Jonathan Yu 126131 2241 H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) U— (-) D11 (b) U— (-) 1.5

SwissSys Standings. ACC Bonfire Swiss: U1900 section

# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 5 Tot
1 Kamran Amirirad 158329 1758 W3 (w) W9 (b) W2 (w) W4 (b) H— (-) U— (-) 4.5
2 Tigran Ghazarian 155438 1568 W8 (w) W11 (b) L1 (b) W13 (w) H— (-) W4 (b) 4.5
3 Ulli Diemer 153538 1538 L1 (b) B— (-) W8 (w) L7 (b) W13 (w) W5 (w) 4.0
4 Max England 155135 1657 H— (-) W10 (w) W6 (b) L1 (w) W7 (b) L2 (w) 3.5
5 Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy 153938 1662 D15 (w) H— (-) D13 (b) W6 (w) W9 (w) L3 (b) 3.5
6 Hooshang Ab-barin 152910 1640 H— (-) W15 (b) L4 (w) L5 (b) W8 (b) W9 (w) 3.5
7 Jean-Marc David 151900 1344 L9 (w) H— (-) W12 (b) W3 (w) L4 (w) D11 (b) 3.0
8 Volkan Eryildir unr. L2 (b) W12 (w) L3 (b) D14 (b) L6 (w) W17 (w) 2.5
9 Richard Morrison 135889 1456 W7 (b) L1 (w) W11 (w) H— (-) L5 (b) L6 (b) 2.5
10 Daniele Pirri 132983 1501 D14 (w) L4 (b) H— (-) W11 (b) H— (-) U— (-) 2.5
11 Robert J. Armstrong 100034 1570 W12 (b) L2 (w) L9 (b) L10 (w) B— (-) D7 (w) 2.5
12 Benjamin Thalman 160474 1318 L11 (w) L8 (b) L7 (w) W15 (b) H— (-) W16 (w) 2.5
13 George Supol 152286 1466 H— (-) W14 (b) D5 (w) L2 (b) L3 (b) U— (-) 2.0
14 Greg Beal 101490 1699 D10 (b) L13 (w) W15 (b) D8 (w) U— (-) U— (-) 2.0
15 Mark A. Gelowitz 126627 1437 D5 (b) L6 (w) L14 (w) L12 (w) H— (-) U— (-) 1.0
16 Joshua Allen 105802 1436 H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) L12 (b) 1.0
17 Dragan Jevtic unr. H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) L8 (b) 1.0

SwissSys Standings. ACC Bonfire Swiss: U1400 section

# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 5 Tot
1 Adam Goldfarb 153496 1290 W7 (b) H— (-) W2 (w) H— (-) W6 (b) W4 (w) 5.0
2 Nick Jafari 160405 1108 W8 (w) W5 (w) L1 (b) U— (-) W12 (b) W10 (w) 4.0
3 Paul Panayotou 160475 1170 W11 (w) W16 (b) H— (-) H— (-) W4 (w) U— (-) 4.0
4 Christopher Field 108098 1185 W13 (b) W9 (w) W12 (b) W5 (w) L3 (b) L1 (b) 4.0
5 Harry [Siqi] Chen 159391 1248 W6 (w) L2 (b) W11 (w) L4 (b) W15 (w) W13 (b) 4.0
6 Michael Finkelstein 158620 1017 L5 (b) H— (-) W8 (w) W17 (b) L1 (w) W14 (b) 3.5
7 Rahul Gangolli 156023 1018 L1 (w) W20 (b) W19 (w) H— (-) W13 (b) U— (-) 3.5
8 Jacob Tobin 160604 771 L2 (b) D13 (w) L6 (b) D18 (w) W21 (b) W21 (w) 3.0
9 Henry XianRui Zhang 156492 1098 W19 (w) L4 (b) H— (-) L11 (b) D14 (w) W18 (b) 3.0
10 Zhong Zhao 160523 1313 H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) W19 (b) W11 (w) L2 (b) 3.0
11 Piotr Jucha 160602 945 L3 (b) W18 (w) L5 (b) W9 (w) L10 (b) D12 (w) 2.5
12 Howard Halim 153419 1080 W17 (w) W14 (b) L4 (w) L15 (b) L2 (w) D11 (b) 2.5
13 Larissa Souchko 145490 981 L4 (w) D8 (b) W21 (w) W14 (b) L7 (w) L5 (w) 2.5
14 Ryan Guo 154346 1123 W21 (b) L12 (w) D18 (b) L13 (w) D9 (b) L6 (w) 2.0
15 Rose Tuong 158024 816 H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) W12 (w) L5 (b) U— (-) 2.0
16 Jeff Pancer 107543 1107 W18 (b) L3 (w) H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 2.0
17 Dylan Hickson 160650 547 L12 (b) B— (-) H— (-) L6 (w) H— (-) U— (-) 2.0
18 Larry Tobin 160603 650 L16 (w) L11 (b) D14 (w) D8 (b) B— (-) L9 (w) 2.0
19 Denis Gaudreault unr. L9 (b) W21 (w) L7 (b) L10 (w) U— (-) U— (-) 1.0
20 Alex Geddie 155388 1093 H— (-) L7 (w) H— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 1.0
21 Alex Moiseev 160217 798 L14 (w) L19 (b) L13 (b) B— (-) L8 (w) L8 (b) 1.0


W = win (e.g., W9 means a win against player 9 – worth 1 point)
L = loss (0 pt)
D = draw (½ pt)
H = ½-pt bye (requested in advance or assigned on registration, max 2 per player, not in final round)
B = 1-pt bye (“forced bye” – e.g., odd number of players)
U = 0-pt bye (e.g., when max ½-pt byes previously awarded, or in final round)
F = forfeit loss (0 pt)
X = forfeit win (1 pt)
(b) = game played with black pieces
(w) = game played with white pieces
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The bonfire image at the top is from the Cochrane Winter Carnival. Cochrane is in Northern Ontario, northeast of Timmins and south of Moosonee. (It’s Tim Horton’s hometown.) They hold a torchlight parade every February.

19 thoughts on “ACC Bonfire Swiss”

  1. [Event “ACC Bonfire Swiss”]
    [Site “?”]
    [Date “2015.11.09”]
    [Round “1”]
    [White “Li, William”]
    [Black “NM Ferreira, Alex T”]
    [Result “1-0”]
    [ECO “C56”]
    [WhiteElo “1955”]
    [BlackElo “2120”]
    [PlyCount “103”]
    [EventDate “2015.11.09”]

    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. d4 exd4 5. O-O Nxe4 6. Re1 d5 7. Bxd5 Qxd5 8.
    Nc3 Qh5 9. Nxe4 Be6 10. Neg5 O-O-O 11. Nxe6 fxe6 12. Rxe6 Bd6 13. Qd3 Rhf8 14. h3 Qd5 15. Re2
    Bc5 16. a3 Qf5 17. Bg5 Rd5 18. Bh4 Qxd3 19. cxd3 Bd6 20. Ng5 h6 21. Ne4 Be5
    22. Rae1 Kd7 23. Nd2 g5 24. Nc4 Bf4 25. Bg3 Bxg3 26. fxg3 a6 27. Re6 b5 28. Nd2
    Rd6 29. R6e4 Rf5 30. b4 Rf8 31. Nb3 Kc8 32. Nc5 a5 33. Re8+ Rd8 34. Rxf8 Rxf8
    35. Re6 axb4 36. Rxc6 bxa3 37. Ra6 Kb8 38. Rxa3 Rf5 39. Ne4 Kb7 40. g4 Re5 41.
    Kf2 Kb6 42. Rb3 Ka5 43. Rb1 c5 44. Nd6 Re6 45. Nxb5 Rb6 46. Na3 Rxb1 47. Nxb1
    Kb4 48. Nd2 Kc3 49. Ke2 Kc2 50. Ne4 c4 51. dxc4 d3+ 52. Ke3 1-0

  2. Hi. I wonder why there aren’t any games of the week. At least put my game against miroslav on there :). i gave you the yellow sheet

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, William. Let’s see if we can get someone to enter a few games for us every week from the yellow carbon copies we collect.

  3. I think i can do it. I have a fair amount of spare time i could use on this instead of dying of boredom. The games would make this website more appealing.

  4. Also in the summer time of 2016, i would maybe want to be one of the officers of the ACC so i can have volunteer hour credits. Thanks!

  5. Great, William. Talk to Ted about volunteer opportunities. There’s lots of community chess work to help out with!

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