ACC Spring is Sprung Swiss

In honour of the spring, Annex Chess Club’s “Spring is Sprung” Swiss chess tournament runs March 30 to May 4.

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Round 1 – March 30

With a few of our top players playing in the Toronto Closed, we’ve lowered the cut-off in the Crown section to 1700, which puts Hooshang Abbarin and Greg Beal (the recent Club Championship Reserve winner!) up against the top players in the club. Good luck, Greg and Hooshang!

Greg Beal (photo by John Upper)
Greg Beal
(photo by John Upper)

Notable Round 1 upsets include Armand Jess Mendoza (2009) with a win over Alex Ferreira (2101), George Supol (1401) with a win over Mark Patton (1531), and Brendan Grady (1271) with a win over Mark Gelowitz (1422).

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Round 2 – April 13

After a week off for Easter, we’re back with a bang, hosting the first of our GM lecture series by Eric Hansen and Robin van Kampen before the round.

GM Robin van Kampen "Counterattack!" (photo by John Upper)
GM Robin van Kampen “Counterattack!”
(photo by John Upper)

We also presented trophies to our 2015 Club Champion Michael Humphreys and Reserve winner Greg Beal. Congratulations again, Michael and Greg!

Michael Humphreys 2015 Club Champion (photo by John Upper)
Michael Humphreys
2015 Club Champion
(photo by John Upper)

When the round is finished, there’s a clear leader in the top section: Bill Evans with 2.0/2. And also in the U1800 section, where it’s Kamran Amirirad with 2.0/2. In the the U1500 section, there’s a tie for the lead: Marko Stevelic and Bruce MacInnis both have 2.0/2.

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Round 3 – April 20

We’re taking a break from our GM lecture series. Next one is May 11. So let’s get right to the tournament results, where a single leader stands alone atop each section.

In the Crown section, Josh Guo is alone in first with 2.5/3. Behind him, it’s a six-way tie for second: Evans, Mendoza, Siddeley, Yu, Ibrahim, and Stefanovic all have 2.0/3.

It’s the same situation in U1800, with Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy atop the section with 2.5/3, trailed by Supol, Amirirad, Mansilla, Ghazarian, and Thornton with 2.0/3.

In U1500, the leader is Bruce MacInnis with 3.0/3, followed by Chris Field and Jean-Marc David in a two-way tie for second with 2.5/3.

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Round 4 – April 27

There’s turn-over in the top section, as Bill Evans and Armand Jess Mendoza both win their games to stand atop the section each with 3.0/4, while Josh Guo withdraws from the event. They’ll have to face off in the final round.

In the U1800 section, Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy holds his lead, now at 3.5/4, with a win over Guillermo Mansilla.

And in U1500 there’s a new leader, as Chris Field defeats Bruce MacInnis to take the lead with 3.5/4.

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Round 5 – May 4

In final-round action, Bill Evans is victorious over Armand Jess Mendoza to win the tournament, with 4.0/5 in the top section! Congratulations, Bill!

In the U1800 section, Vignorth Vigneswaramoorthy is held to a draw by young Tigran Ghazarian, to finish with 4.0/5. Kamran Amirirad, meanwhile, wins his game to share the lead at 4.0/5. But it’s Vigneswaramoorthy with the better tie-break. Congratulations, Vinorth!

Finally, in U1500, Chris Field wins again to take the section with 4.5/5. Congratulations, Chris!

Zehn Nasir and Bill Evans
Bill Evans (right), from last year’s GTCL Cup (Toronto Team Rapid Chess Championship)

Next week, don’t miss the GM lecture, “Calculate Like a Grandmaster,” featuring Canadian GM Eric Hansen and Dutch GM, Robin van Kampen. And we’ll launch a new five-round tournament, the ACC Growing Gardens Swiss!

Final Results after Round Five

SwissSys Standings. ACC Spring is Sprung Swiss: Crown

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Bill Evans 103309 2064 W6 W13 L7 W10 W3 4.0
2 Alex T. Ferreira 127516 2101 L3 W15 D6 W13 W10 3.5
3 Armand Jess Mendoza 156958 2009 W2 D8 D10 W5 L1 3.0
4 Pepin Manalo 112277 1826 H— H— U— W17 W11 3.0
5 Ismail Ibrahim 105228 2055 W14 H— H— L3 W6 3.0
6 Fernando Marshal 104895 1965 L1 W9 D2 W14 L5 2.5
7 Josh Guo 105318 2310 H— W17 W1 U— U— 2.5
8 Jonathan Yu 126131 2220 W9 D3 H— H— U— 2.5
9 Robert Bzikot 132541 2038 L8 L6 W17 H— W13 2.5
10 Hugh Siddeley 120619 2102 D17 W16 D3 L1 L2 2.0
11 Arkadiy Ugodnikov 146626 1912 H— H— U— W15 L4 2.0
12 Miroslav Stefanovic 154500 2051 H— H— W14 U— U— 2.0
13 Hooshang Ab-barin 152910 1721 B— L1 D15 L2 L9 1.5
14 Jacob Stein 108627 1916 L5 B— L12 L6 U— 1.0
15 Greg Beal 101490 1711 H— L2 D13 L11 U— 1.0
16 Erwin Casareno 146639 1983 H— L10 H— U— U— 1.0
17 Barry Nash 120160 2014 D10 L7 L9 L4 U— 0.5

SwissSys Standings. ACC Spring is Sprung Swiss: U1800

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy 153938 1613 D10 W5 W2 W7 D3 4.0
2 Kamran Amirirad 158329 1592 B— W4 L1 W8 W5 4.0
3 Tigran Ghazarian 155438 1572 D7 W10 H— W6 D1 3.5
4 Daniele Pirri 132983 1588 W6 L2 L5 W11 D9 2.5
5 George Supol 152286 1401 W11 L1 W4 L10 L2 2.0
6 Richard Morrison 135889 1456 L4 L11 W10 L3 B— 2.0
7 Guillermo Mansilla 154509 1431 D3 D9 W11 L1 U— 2.0
8 Bill Thornton 131181 1464 H— H— W9 L2 U— 2.0
9 Ulli Diemer 153538 1581 H— D7 L8 H— D4 2.0
10 Joshua Allen 105802 1523 D1 L3 L6 W5 F11 1.5
11 Mark A. Patton 104721 1531 L5 W6 L7 L4 F10 1.0

SwissSys Standings. ACC Spring is Sprung Swiss: U1500

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Christopher Field 108098 1109 H— W14 W10 W4 W6 4.5
2 Marko Stevelic 157957 1288 W13 W5 L4 D6 W7 3.5
3 Milan Cvetkovic 150817 1276 H— W8 L6 W9 W4 3.5
4 Bruce MacInnis 149569 1287 W7 W15 W2 L1 L3 3.0
5 Brendan Grady 158392 1271 W10 L2 H— H— W9 3.0
6 Jean-Marc David 151900 1381 W9 H— W3 D2 L1 3.0
7 Michael Finkelstein 158620 1006 L4 H— W14 W8 L2 2.5
8 Mohammad Saneinejad unr. H— L3 W12 L7 W14 2.5
9 Howard Halim 153419 1079 L6 W12 W15 L3 L5 2.0
10 Mark A. Gelowitz 126627 1422 L5 W13 L1 W15 U— 2.0
11 Jesus Vera 107979 1192 H— H— U— W13 U— 2.0
12 Martin Pitt-Bradley 158457 1014 H— L9 L8 H— B— 2.0
13 Larissa Souchko 145490 1049 L2 L10 B— L11 W15 2.0
14 Voytek Skoczylas unr. H— L1 L7 B— L8 1.5
15 Rose Tuong 158024 822 B— L4 L9 L10 L13 1.0

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β€œAnd make a wish,” added Tigger, hopping from
foot to foot, which is complicated when you have four.

~ David Benedictus, Return to the Hundred Acre Wood, 2009


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