Annex Chess Club Championship 2015

ACC Championship and Reserve trophies
ACC Championship and Reserve trophies

It’s that time of year again! Our 2015 Club Championship kicked off on Monday, February 9, with games starting at 7:30 pm.

The Annex Chess Club Championship is in two sections, Championship and Reserve. The Reserve (U1800) section is for players with a maximum CFC rating of 1799, and the Championship section has a minimum rating of 1700. The six-round Swiss tournament runs February 9 to March 23. All games are CFC-rated, and the Championship section is also FIDE-rated. (There’s no round on Family Day, February 16, but don’t miss the Hart House Reading Week Open, February 14-16!)

Entry is not limited to club members (players may drop in to play a single round, or buy a six-week tournament membership) but only full-year club members are eligible to become Club Champion or Reserve winner. These winners will have their names engraved on beautiful permanent trophies, generously donated to the club by inbusys, I.T. Support Specialists for demanding SMB environments.

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Round 1 – February 9

It’s an interesting first round in the Championship section as two of the frontrunners, Michael Humphreys and Jonathan Yu, are held to a draw in their games by lower-rated opponents. Atop the lead group, Joseph Bellissimo gains the full point (see game below) as do Dave Southam, Ismail Ibrahim, Robert Bzikot, and Sergey Malakhovets.

Meanwhile, 26 players in the Under-1800 section are vying for the Reserve title. After one round, there’s a 10-way tie for first.

Games from Round 1

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Round 2 – February 23

After two rounds, there’s a two-way tie for first in the Championship section. Young Joseph Bellissimo and veteran Dave Southam both have 2.0/2. Humphreys, Yu, and Siddeley are half a point behind with 1.5/2.

In the Reserve section, England, Armstrong, and Amirirad are in a three-way tie for the lead with 2.0/2, but no less than seven players are just a half point behind. There are four more rounds to separate out this lead pack!

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Round 3 – March 2

With a draw on board one between Dave Southam and Joseph Bellissimo, defending champion Michael Humphreys joins the lead group with 2.5/3 by defeating Hugh Siddeley. Ibrahim, Yu, Ferreira, and Evans are half a point behind with 2.0/3.

In the Reserve section, Max England defeats Bob Armstrong on the top board and Amirirad loses to Essery. England is now alone in first with 3.0/3, the only perfect score in the tournament! Essery, Diemer, and Abbarin trail by half a point with 2.5/3.

These are still close races. Three rounds to go!

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Round 4 – March 9

A draw on the top board leaves Joseph Bellissimo and Michael Humphreys tied for the lead at 3.0/4. Now, with the head-to-head match out of the way, they must battle each other indirectly by their results against other players. Taking advantage of the point split on Board One, Alex Ferreira and Jonathan Yu score victories to join the lead group.

Meanwhile, in the reserves, Max England makes it a perfect 4.0/4 with a win against Ulli Diemer. Arnstrong, Abbarin, Essery, Vigneswaramoorthy, Amirirad and Beal are in a six-way tie for second, a full point back at 3.0/4.


Round 5 – March 16

Michael Humphreys defeats Alex Ferreira while Joseph Bellissimo wins his game against Daniel Wiebe, so both front-runners remain tied for the lead at 4.0/5. Jonathan Yu, who takes a bye in the penultimate round, stays just half a point out at 3.5/5.

In the Reserves, leader Max England finally meets his match in top-rated Greg Beal, who now joins England at 4.0/5. The lead group going into the final round also includes Hooshang Abbarin with a win over Bob Armstrong and Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy with a win over Richard Essery. So it’s a four-way tie with just one round to go!

See complete results on the standings chart below.

A couple interesting notes about this round:

  • One is that all the games are decisive; there are no draws. This is somewhat strange for the fifth round of a Swiss when opponents should be closely matched.
  • Second (for all the Annex Chess Club historians!) is the latest in a long, hitherto one-sided rivalry between Ulli Diemer and Jack Maguire, Maguire having had an unbroken string of victories as white by employing the dreaded Blackmar-Diemer Gambit against its namesake, Diemer. But here is the game that finally breaks the string:

Games from Round 5

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Round 6 – March 23

Before the ultimate round, Rhys Goldstein gives a chess talk, “A lecture on losing,” starting at 6:45 pm. Lecture notes are now available.

At 7:30 the games begin!

At the end of the night, when the dust settles, it comes down to tie breaks to determine the winners. Greg Beal wins the Reserve section (on tie break over Hooshang Abbarin: Beal had more wins), and Michael Humphreys wins the 2015 Club Championship (on tie break over Joseph Bellissimo: Humphreys played more games as black). Congratulations, Michael Humphreys (once again!) and Greg Beal!

Michael Humphreys, 2015 Club Champion (photo by John Upper)
Michael Humphreys, 2015 Club Champion (photo by John Upper)
Greg Beal (photo by John Upper)
Greg Beal (photo by John Upper)

Final Results after Round Six

SwissSys Standings. ACC Club Championship : Crown

# Name CFC ID Rating Post Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Total
1 Michael Humphreys 131628 2383 2376 D14 W11 W13 D2 W6 D4 4.5
2 Joseph Bellissimo 147544 2218 2230 W9 W18 D4 D1 W14 D6 4.5
3 Armand Jess Mendoza 156958 1970 2002 L18 W9 L10 W17 B— W13 4.0
4 David Southam 102535 2190 2207 W6 W5 D2 L7 W13 D1 4.0
5 Ismail Ibrahim 105228 2045 2067 W17 L4 W20 L13 W9 W10 4.0
6 Alex T. Ferreira 127516 1982 2033 L4 W17 W15 W10 L1 D2 3.5
7 Jonathan Yu 126131 2206 2212 D12 W8 H— W4 H— U— 3.5
8 Daniel Zotkin 146857 1921 1961 D15 L7 L9 W20 W19 W14 3.5
9 Rhys Goldstein 110906 2026 2030 L2 L3 W8 W19 L5 W18 3.0
10 Bill Evans 103309 2047 2041 H— D12 W3 L6 W18 L5 3.0
11 Robert Bzikot 132541 2041 2037 W20 L1 H— L14 W15 D12 3.0
12 Miroslav Stefanovic 154500 1995 2010 D7 D10 H— D15 H— D11 3.0
13 Hugh Siddeley 120619 2110 2094 H— W19 L1 W5 L4 L3 2.5
14 Daniel Wiebe 132137 2039 2036 D1 D16 D18 W11 L2 L8 2.5
15 Barry Nash 120160 2042 2002 D8 H— L6 D12 L11 W20 2.5
16 Jacob Stein 108627 1951 1964 H— D14 D19 D18 H— U— 2.5
17 Arkadiy Ugodnikov 146626 1936 1901 L5 L6 B— L3 W20 U— 2.0
18 Sergey Malakhovets 158413 2102 2054 W3 L2 D14 D16 L10 L9 2.0
19 Erwin Casareno 146639 2005 1956 H— L13 D16 L9 L8 B— 2.0
20 Tigran Ghazarian 155438 1609 1593 L11 B— L5 L8 L17 L15 1.0

SwissSys Standings. ACC Club Championship : U1800

# Name CFC ID Rating Post Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Total
1 Greg Beal 101490 1702 1712 W16 L4 W10 W22 W6 W5 5.0
2 Hooshang Ab-barin 152910 1689 1723 W18 D9 W3 D12 W8 W6 5.0
3 Daniele Pirri 132983 1548 1588 H— W14 L2 W10 W4 W9 4.5
4 Kamran Amirirad 158329 1581 1590 W20 W1 L12 W11 L3 W15 4.0
5 Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy 153938 1615 1610 L11 W23 W18 W24 W12 L1 4.0
6 Max England 155135 1588 1613 W30 W29 W8 W9 L1 L2 4.0
7 Joshua Allen 105802 1464 1506 H— H— U— W26 W11 W12 4.0
8 Robert J. Armstrong 100034 1582 1586 W28 W11 L6 W16 L2 W13 4.0
9 Ulli Diemer 153538 1576 1582 W22 D2 W13 L6 W19 L3 3.5
10 Brendan Grady 158392 1234 1290 H— W19 L1 L3 W27 W14 3.5
11 Richard Morrison 135889 1286 1346 W5 L8 W29 L4 L7 W22 3.0
12 Richard Essery 135206 1656 1628 W25 D13 W4 D2 L5 L7 3.0
13 Mark A. Patton 104721 1557 1530 W17 D12 L9 D14 W18 L8 3.0
14 Milan Cvetkovic 150817 1244 1278 D19 L3 W23 D13 W24 L10 3.0
15 Guillermo Mansilla 154509 1473 1450 H— H— L22 W28 W16 L4 3.0
16 George Supol 152286 1419 1401 L1 W17 W26 L8 L15 W20 3.0
17 Larissa Souchko 145490 1009 1033 L13 L16 H— H— W31 W27 3.0
18 Jean-Marc David 151900 1393 1381 L2 W28 L5 W25 L13 D21 2.5
19 Jack Maguire 144604 1590 1535 D14 L10 W31 W27 L9 U— 2.5
20 Howard Halim 153419 1088 1073 L4 H— L27 B— W22 L16 2.5
21 Ryan Liu 151979 1189 1209 H— H— U— U— W28 D18 2.5
22 Christopher Field 108098 1086 1105 L9 W30 W15 L1 L20 L11 2.0
23 Martin Pitt-Bradley 158457 887 907 H— L5 L14 H— W30 U— 2.0
24 Mark A. Gelowitz 126627 1455 1424 H— W31 H— L5 L14 U— 2.0
25 Raymond Lin 150193 1313 1302 L12 H— H— L18 W26 U— 2.0
26 Henry XianRui Zhang 156492 1018 1027 H— H— L16 L7 L25 W28 2.0
27 Michael Finkelstein 158620 880 889 L29 H— W20 L19 L10 L17 1.5
28 Derek Chen 156690 1089 1065 L8 L18 W30 L15 L21 L26 1.0
29 Bill Thornton 131181 1557 1517 W27 L6 L11 U— U— U— 1.0
30 Alex Geddie 155388 1093 1048 L6 L22 L28 W31 L23 U— 1.0
31 Rahul Gangolli 156023 1047 1011 H— L24 L19 L30 L17 U— 0.5


W = win (e.g., W9 means a win against player 9 – worth 1 point)
L = loss (0 pt)
D = draw (½ pt)
H = ½-pt bye (requested in advance or assigned on registration, max 2 per player, not in final round)
B = 1-pt bye (“forced bye” – e.g., odd number of players)
U = 0-pt bye (e.g., when max ½-pt byes previously awarded, or in final round)
F = forfeit loss (0 pt)
X = forfeit win (1 pt)

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  1. The cutoff for the crown section for this tournament was 1700, so it’s not a big stretch, but I chose to allow someone to play up to avoid giving out forced byes in the first round, and Tigran was the first person >1600 who was willing.

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