ACC Snow Squall Swiss

snow squall

Toronto weather can whip up quickly. Winter snow squalls cause low visibility on the highways and bring big accumulations overnight. But then all that snow can vanish just as quickly!

The ACC Snow Squall Swiss is our first tournament of the new year. A 5-round Swiss in three sections, it starts January 5 and will be all wrapped up on Groundhog Day, February 2.

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Round 1 – January 5

Round One sees 34 players in action, battling in three sections, with a number of upsets recorded at the end of the night. In the Crown section, Sergey Malakhovets (1937) beats Alex Ferreira (2044). In U1900, young Tigran Ghazarian (1500) takes down Nicholas Wu (1632) while Daniel Pirri (1525) defeats veteran Bob Armstrong (1641). And in U1500, Howard Halim (1066) pulls off a win against Richard Morrison (1332).

We are also pleased to welcome to our club two new players, Michael Finkelstein and Marc Flores. And both are victorious on their first outing! Welcome and congratulations, Michael and Marc!

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Round 2 – January 12

Winners from the last round play winners, and the leading group starts to dwindle. In the Crown section, the few, the proud, include just two players, Michael Humphreys and Sergey Malakhovets, both with 2.0/2.

In U1900, it’s down to Kamran Amirirad and Marc Flores, both with 2.0/2.

And in U1500, the leader group includes the usual suspects, Jean-Marc David, Mark Gelowitz, and Milan Cvetkovic.

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Round 3 – January 19

With a win over Sergey Malakhovets, Michael Humphreys emerges as the sole leader in the Crown section with a perfect 3-0 record. Wajdy Shebetah, victorious over Daniel Wiebe, is in second place with 2.5/3.

In U1900, co-leaders Kamran Amirirad and Marc Flores draw their game, while Michael Sutton, with a win over Greg Beal, catches up to the lead group – all three now with 2.5/3. A tight race is heating up in this section!

In U1500, Mark Gelowitz takes sole possession of first place with a win over Jean-Marc David, as Raymond Lin takes out Milan Cvetkovic.

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Round 4 – January 26

Crown section leader Michael Humphreys takes a bye in Round 4. Still, with 3.5/4, Humphreys remains ahead of Wajdy Shebetah, Sergey Malakhovets, and Ismail Ibrahim, all with 3.0/4.

In U1900, co-leaders Kamran Amirirad and Marc Flores are both victorious, while Michael Sutton falls to young Tigran Ghazarian. Amirirad and Flores have 3.5/4 going into the last round.

In U1500, Mark Gelowitz wins again! Ahead by a full point in his section, Gelowitz is the only player in the tournament with a perfect 4.0/4 record. Can he make it 5.0/5 with another win in Round Five?

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Round 5 – February 2

The final round comes, fittingly, just after a big snow storm. But in the morning Wiarton Willie did not see his shadow, meaning that an early spring is predicted.

In the Crown section, Michael Humphreys wins again, taking the section with 4.5/5, having defeated all the other players in the top 6 except Wajdy Shebetah. The annual Club Championship starts next week, and Humphreys looks like a favourite to repeat as the winner.

Michael Humphreys
Michael Humphreys

In the U1900 section, unrated newcomer Marc Flores defeats Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy to take the section with 4.5/5. Flores will now have his chance to play against the big guns in the top section!

In the U1500 section, Mark Gelowitz makes it a perfect 5.0/5, with a win over Dylan Xiong. Gelowitz wins the section by a full point and a half!

Congratulations, Michael, Marc, and Mark!

Next week, February 9, we’re launching the 2015 Annex Chess Club Championship: two sections, six rounds. Arrive before 7:00 pm to register!

Final Results after Round Five

SwissSys Standings. Snow Squall Swiss: Crown

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Michael Humphreys 131628 2362 W4 W6 W2 H— W7 4.5
2 Sergey Malakhovets 158413 1937 W11 W12 L1 W5 W4 4.0
3 Wajdy Shebetah 148432 1983 H— W11 W9 H— U— 3.0
4 Ismail Ibrahim 105228 2000 L1 W16 W8 W10 L2 3.0
5 Jacob Stein 108627 1800 D8 W7 D10 L2 B— 3.0
6 David Southam 102535 2184 W16 L1 H— H— W11 3.0
7 Robert Bzikot 132541 2055 D14 L5 W15 X9 L1 2.5
8 Miroslav Stefanovic 154500 2002 D5 D13 L4 H— W14 2.5
9 Daniel Wiebe 132137 2035 H— W17 L3 F7 W12 2.5
10 Barry Nash 120160 2059 H— W14 D5 L4 U— 2.0
11 Alex T. Ferreira 127516 2044 L2 L3 W16 W12 L6 2.0
12 Armand Jess Mendoza 156958 1986 D17 L2 W14 L11 L9 1.5
13 Bill Evans 103309 2077 H— D8 H— U— U— 1.5
14 Arkadiy Ugodnikov 146626 1955 D7 L10 L12 W16 L8 1.5
15 Ian Mahoney 149124 1808 H— H— L7 U— U— 1.0
16 Daniel Zotkin 146857 1976 L6 L4 L11 L14 B— 1.0
17 Jonathan Yu 126131 2223 D12 L9 U— U— U— 0.5

SwissSys Standings. Snow Squall Swiss: U1900

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Marc Flores unr. W4 W6 D2 W5 W10 4.5
2 Kamran Amirirad 158329 1463 W12 W16 D1 W8 D3 4.0
3 Tigran Ghazarian 155438 1500 W14 D5 D4 W6 D2 3.5
4 Hooshang Ab-barin 152910 1602 L1 W12 D3 W15 W5 3.5
5 Michael Sutton 151225 1808 W11 D3 W9 L1 L4 2.5
6 Daniele Pirri 132983 1525 W15 L1 W11 L3 D7 2.5
7 Jack Maguire 144604 1590 H— D15 L8 W14 D6 2.5
8 Michael D. Sharpe 100280 1556 H— H— W7 L2 U— 2.0
9 Greg Beal 101490 1701 H— D13 L5 W12 U— 2.0
10 Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy 153938 1604 H— H— U— W11 L1 2.0
11 Mark A. Patton 104721 1578 L5 W14 L6 L10 B— 2.0
12 Ulli Diemer 153538 1603 L2 L4 B— L9 W15 2.0
13 Joshua Harmon 158489 unr. H— D9 U— U— U— 1.0
14 Nicholas Wu 154991 1632 L3 L11 W16 L7 U— 1.0
15 Robert J. Armstrong 100034 1641 L6 D7 H— L4 L12 1.0
16 Heimo C. Haikala 107606 1788 H— L2 L14 U— U— 0.5

SwissSys Standings. Snow Squall Swiss: U1500

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Mark A. Gelowitz 126627 1363 W5 W3 W2 W12 W7 5.0
2 Jean-Marc David 151900 1397 W15 W6 L1 W9 D3 3.5
3 Brendan Grady 158392 1222 W4 L1 H— W6 D2 3.0
4 Henry XianRui Zhang 156492 785 L3 W8 W5 L7 W11 3.0
5 Derek Chen 156690 1078 L1 W11 L4 W14 W10 3.0
6 Howard Halim 153419 1066 W8 L2 H— L3 W14 2.5
7 Dylan Xiong 152060 1140 H— H— D13 W4 L1 2.5
8 Richard Morrison 135889 1332 L6 L4 H— W15 W13 2.5
9 Raymond Lin 150193 1311 H— H— W12 L2 U— 2.0
10 Rahul Gangolli 156023 1053 H— H— W14 U— L5 2.0
11 Alex Geddie 155388 1141 L14 L5 W15 W13 L4 2.0
12 Milan Cvetkovic 150817 1261 W13 W14 L9 L1 U— 2.0
13 Larissa Souchko 145490 1004 L12 W15 D7 L11 L8 1.5
14 Michael Finkelstein unr. W11 L12 L10 L5 L6 1.0
15 Teresa Lee 154501 1091 L2 L13 L11 L8 U— 0.0

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