ACC Year End Rapid

Year End Rapid – Dec 15

The Year End Rapid sees 32 players in a single section, playing six rounds at a time control of 10 minutes per player for the game, with an increment of 5 seconds per move.
At the end of the night it’s a tie between Jonathan Yu and Tyler Longo, with 5.0/6. An honorary share of first place also goes to Daniel Zotkin, who is tied for the lead after 5 rounds, but leaves after round 5, believing it to be the last round!

Chess-Results Standings. Year End Rapid

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd Points
1 Yu Jonathan 2163 CAN 23w1 6b1 4w0 8b1 15w1 9b1 5
2 Longo Tyler 2011 CAN 29w1 22b0 17w1 28b1 4w1 7b1 5
3 Wiebe Daniel 2061 CAN 17w1 13b1 8w0 22b½ 20w1 4b+ 4.5
4 Zotkin Daniel 2013 CAN 18b1 15w1 1b1 9w1 2b0 3w- 4
5 Evans Bill 2064 CAN 21b1 8w0 20w1 12b1 7w0 15b1 4
6 Ibrahim Ismail 2000 CAN 25b1 1w0 15b0 30w1 17b1 11w1 4
7 Siddeley Hugh 2105 CAN 15b0 10w1 23b1 24w1 5b1 2w0 4
8 Malmsten Erik 1934 CAN 27w1 5b1 3b1 1w0 9b0 14w1 4
9 Mendoza Armand Jess 2043 CAN 30w1 12b1 22w1 4b0 8w1 1w0 4
10 Bzikot Robert 2083 CAN 19w½ 7b0 29w1 20b0 21w1 22b1 3.5
11 Stefanovic Miroslav 1986 CAN 26w1 20b½ 14w0 19b1 22w1 6b0 3.5
12 Mahoney Ian 1808 CAN 31b1 9w0 30b1 5w0 28w1 13b½ 3.5
13 Ugodnikov Arkadiy 1940 CAN 16b1 3w0 28b0 25w1 26b1 12w½ 3.5
14 Nash Barry 2059 CAN 22b0 25w1 11b1 15w0 24b1 8b0 3
15 England Max 1625 CAN 7w1 4b0 6w1 14b1 1b0 5w0 3
16 Cvetkovic Milan 1261 CAN 13w0 23b0 18b1 17w0 30b1 24w1 3
17 Diemer Ulli 1603 CAN 3b0 31w1 2b0 16b1 6w0 26w1 3
18 David Jean-Marc 1397 CAN 4w0 27b0 16w0 29b1 31w1 28b1 3
19 Armstrong Robert J. 1618 CAN 10b½ 24w0 21b1 11w0 23b1 20b½ 3
20 Humphreys Michael 2329 CAN 24b1 11w½ 5b0 10w1 3b0 19w½ 3
21 Vigneswaramoorthy Vinorth 1604 CAN 5w0 29b½ 19w0 27b1 10b0 30w1 2.5
22 Zhou Qi 1535 CAN 14w1 2w1 9b0 3w½ 11b0 10w0 2.5
23 Ab-Barin Hooshang 1642 CAN 1b0 16w1 7w0 26b0 19w0 31b1 2
24 Sobrepere Josep 1786 CAN 20w0 19b1 27w1 7b0 14w0 16b0 2
25 Morrison Richard 1356 CAN 6w0 14b0 31w1 13b0 27w0 29b1 2
26 Stevelic Marko 1288 CAN 11b0 28w0 32b1 23w1 13w0 17b0 2
27 Halim Howard 1066 CAN 8b0 18w1 24b0 21w0 25b1 0 2
28 Pirri Daniele 1546 CAN 0 26b1 13w1 2w0 12b0 18w0 2
29 Radpey Abdolreza 1392 CAN 2b0 21w½ 10b0 18w0 32b1 25w0 1.5
30 Abbarin Shabnam 1445 CAN 9b0 32w1 12w0 6b0 16w0 21b0 1
31 Souchko Larissa 1065 CAN 12w0 17b0 25b0 32w1 18b0 23w0 1
32 Pitt-Bradley Martin 887 CAN 0 30b0 26w0 31b0 29w0 0 0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories

There are several different ways to view the results at

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