“I can beat all of you at once – blindfolded”

It might seem like a bold claim, but FIDE Master Hans Jung from Kitchener, a renowned blindfold master, will attempt to defeat five opponents simultaneously, while blindfolded. This is one of many amazing spectacles and events at this year’s Harbourfront Centre Chessfest presented by Scotiabank, June 15 at the North Exhibition Commons at Toronto’s waterfront.

Hans Jung, playing blindfold chess
Hans Jung, playing blindfold chess


FM Hans Jung has given more than 100 blindfold simultaneous exhibitions of at least 10 boards, including playing 26 boards simultaneously at a mall in London, Ontario, in 1993.

blindfold chess with hans jung

Registered Players

Adrian Chin
George Supol
Howard Alter
Daniel Alter
Jonathan Alter

4 thoughts on ““I can beat all of you at once – blindfolded””

  1. This could be your chance to beat me in a well thought out game of chess. I wish all my opponents the best of luck and skill. Im actually looking for someone of the younger generation (ages 8 to 13) to mentor in blindfold chess to carry on my legacy. Ive been playing blindfold chess for more than 40 years now. I need a candidate who is willing and enthusiastic and will discover a love for blindfold chess and who I can mentor and support in an excitng career of blindfold simultaneous exhibitions.

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