Chess classes are great for kids!

Teachers (see this 2012 study) find that kids who participate in chess show improved confidence and self-assurance. For parents, it’s a real pleasure to see your child so engaged in the game – and it’s truly amazing how quickly they pick up new skills.

ACC Kids' Class Game 1

At Annex Chess Club, we’ve got kids’ chess classes every Monday night!

Our final 7-week session before summer break started April 28 – but it’s not too late to join! Check current schedules.

You’re never too old to learn chess or improve your game! Artiom Samsonkin teaches a Beginner/Intermediate adult group from 8:00 to 9:00 pm.

four square shadow

Artiom Samsonkin has great rapport with his 6:15 Beginner/Intermediate class as he teaches captures, threats, and checks:

ACC Kids' Class Artiom 1

ACC Kids' Class Artiom 2

And he reminds his students to use these new skills in their games:

ACC Kids' Class Artiom 3

ACC Kids' Class Artiom 4

four square shadow

We’ve got chess classes for older kids too. Michael Humphreys, who is our ACC Club Champion and a City Championship winner as a coach, teaches the 6:15 pm Advanced group.

ACC Advanced Class Michael 2

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