Boris Gelfand film showing in Toronto

DAVID COHEN | Toronto, ON | 2014/04/26

Album 61

Canadian Premiere
YEAR: 2013
LANGUAGE: Russian / Hebrew / English
DIRECTOR: Halil Efrat

May 7 – 3:30PM Empress Walk
May 4 – 5:30PM Koffler House

Filmmaker Halil Efrat turns a chess competition into a moving and suspenseful spectacle where so much is at stake. Album 61 chronicles a twenty-day World Chess Championship through the eyes of one of its main competitors, Boris Gelfand, a Russian immigrant now living in Israel. Boris has spent his entire life getting ready for this moment. He was raised to become a champion since the age of six. At its heart, the film is a tender story about family relationships, as Boris’s father had to live his own dreams through his son under the Soviet regime. Efrat won the Best Documentary Director prize at last year’s Jerusalem Film Festival.

Watch the trailer. (The video ends abruptly; it’s not clear whether that’s intentional.)

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