2014 ACC Annual General Meeting

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This Monday, March 17, we’re holding our 2014 AGM – 6:45 pm to 7:30 pm

We need you to be at the AGM! If you cannot be present in person, please select another member to vote for you by written proxy. (Take an official proxy form here.) Note that each member can hold at most one proxy.

AGM Agenda

1. Outgoing Board Reports

  • Marcus Wilker (President’s Report)
  • Ted Winick
  • George Supol (Treasurer’s Report)
  • Keith Denning (Secretary and Class Coordinator’s Report)
  • Tyler Longo (Tournament Arbiter’s Report)
  • Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy (Marketing Report)

2. Ratifications of amendments to the by-laws from the previous term

3. Election of the new Board

  • Scrutineer’s attendance announcement – in person or by proxy
  • Speeches by new members standing for Board positions
  • Election

4. Surveys

5. Any other business

Election Results

Elected to the new 2014/2015 Board are the following. (Congratulations to all, especially the new ACC directors!)

  • Keith Denning
  • Tyler Longo
  • Richard Morrison*
  • Daniele Pirri*
  • George Supol
  • Marcus Wilker
  • Ted Winick

*new directors

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