2014 ACC Club Championship

Annex Chess Club Championship 2014 – January 13 to February 24

Two new trophies (one for each of the Championship and Reserve sections) were donated to ACC by inbusys inc., a keen supporter of the Club for the last three years.

Each trophy will have engraved on it the name of the respective winning Club member and his/her winning score – back to our Club’s first Championship in 2011.

ACC Championship and Reserve trophies
ACC Championship and Reserve trophies

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Round One – January 13

With a flurry of last-day email and on-site registrations, we get 50 players paired and ready to go at 7:30 pm. The only casualty is a newcomer, Julian Pulgarin, who somehow gets left out of the player list and has to take a full-point bye. We’re sorry, Julian!

Round One of a Swiss always sees some of the biggest rating mismatches of the tournament as the players in the top half of the section get what should be an easy game, while those in the bottom half face perhaps their most challenging opponent of the tournament. The outcome, however, is never a foregone conclusion, even with a big rating difference. Tonight sees some tough games and quite a few upsets.

In the Reserve section, there are just two surprise results as Teresa Lee defeats Jean-Marc David – a 565-rating-point upset! – and Daniele Pirri defeats Adrian Chin.

But in the Championship section, there is a whole string of upsets, as no less than four underdogs leave the club with something to celebrate: Omar Shah, playing with industrial noise-eliminating earmuffs, defeats Dave Southam; Hugh Siddeley, with an extra tempo after a transpositional trick in an Accelerated Dragon, defeats Andrew Boik (from Alberta); Daniel Wiebe beats Wajdy Shebetah (the recent winner of our New Year’s Blitz); and finally Erik Malmsten takes a full point from Alex Michelashvili.

The top two players in the section, Digeng Du and Michael Humphreys, escape the slaughter on the top boards unscathed, as do Jonathan Yu and Bill Evans, but the field is blown wide open. Digeng and Michael are the two favourites from the outset, but Omar, Hugh, and Dan have shown that anything can happen in this event. It’s certainly interesting to see three players over 2200 playing a full-point Swiss Gambit.

Round One Game of the Week

In this week’s game of the week, Teresa Lee pulls off a big upset win over Jean-Marc David. Her bold bishop sacrifice (13. Bh6) initially looks fishy, but the consequent attack soon turns deadly.

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Round Two – January 20

Another dozen players join the tournament in Round Two, bringing us up to 62 players.

In the Championship section, Digeng Du, Michael Humphreys, Bill Evans, and Daniel Wiebe are in the lead with 2.0/2. (Dan is on a tear! After beating Wajdy Shebetah in Round One, he upsets Jonathan Yu in Round Two to stay in the leader group.)

Just half a point behind the four leaders are a trio of new joiners who win their Round Two games after taking a bye in Round One: Pepin Manalo, Pavel Peev, and Hayk Oganesyan.

Among other new joiners this round, Olof Bergenstam – welcome back from Sweden, Olof! – is happy to get a game with international celebrity, Harmony Zhu. Harmony gets a draw against an opponent rated 150 points higher than her, and Olof gets a signed scoresheet he’s going to save.

Harmony Zhu featured on ChessBase website
Harmony Zhu featured on ChessBase website

In the Reserve section, the leader group consists of six players with a perfect 2.0/2 through two rounds: Hooshang Abbarin, Ulli Diemer, Mark Patton, Manuela Renteria, Mark Gelowitz, and Julian Pulgarin. It’s a tight group at the top, with another half a dozen players just half a point behind.

Round Two Game of the Week

In the Round Two game of the week, Hugh Siddeley looks to have defending Club Champion FM Michael Humphreys on the run, but it’s Michael who comes out on top after a rook sacrifice on h3.

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Round Three – January 27

And then there were two …

At the halfway mark, the leader group in the Championship section is down to two. Digeng Du and Michael Humphreys are the only remaining players with a perfect 3.0/3. Round Four should see a showdown between the two leaders.

Behind Digeng and Michael, Pepin Manalo follows closely with 2.5/3. And behind him, there are seven players with 2.0/3, including the Swiss gambiteers, Wajdy Shebetah and David Southam, who were upset in Round One and are now chasing the leaders from a point back.

The spotlight tonight, however, is on the game between Jonathan Yu (2147) and Wunderkind Harmony Zhu (1830) as a CBC reporter, doing a story on Harmony, films the start of their game. Despite the media scrutiny, Jonathan holds Harmony to a draw, and both players now have 1.5/3 going into Round Four.

Another distinguished visitor to the club tonight is Sarah Gillet from the Habourfront Centre. (Hope you enjoyed your visit, Sarah!) Look for Annex Chess Club and our friends, the Chess Institute, to announce a chess event at Harbourfront soon. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, down in the Reserve section, the leader group is pared down to three. Hooshang Abbarin, Ulli Diemer, and Julian Pulgarin still have a perfect 3.0/3.

Hooshang Abbarin
Hooshang Abbarin

Behind Hooshang, Ulli, and Julian, Marcus Wilker and Michael Sharpe are tied for fourth at 2.5/3, followed by ten players with 2.0.

Round Three Games of the Week

The featured games this week include Olof Bergenstam’s struggle with Dave Southam’s Stonewall – Olof goes the distance against Dave, but in the end, with White in time trouble, Southam wins the pawn-up rook ending. Pepin Manalo has also submitted his game against Hayk Oganesyan. The endgame, he thought, was especially instructive. (Pepin wins a pawn-down ending with rook and knight against White’s rook and bishop.) After posting the game, as annotated by Pepin, I received from Hayk a couple of analytical objections, which I’ve now included as well. I don’t know whether that makes the assessments balanced or just confusing … Readers will have to judge for themselves.

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Round Four – February 3

In the Championship section, the top board sees a showdown between the top two, still-perfect players, Michael Humphreys and Digeng Du. At the end of the night, Michael is smiling: through four rounds, he’s still perfect at 4.0/4, and he’s taken care of probably his most serious opposition on his way to a threepeat as ACC Champion!

Pepin Manalo, with a win against Zehn Nasir, is in second, just half a point behind at 3.5/4. Tied for third are a couple of players with 3.0, Digeng Du and Wajdy Shebetah.

 Michael Humphreys
Michael Humphreys

In the Reserves, the big game on the top board sees Hooshang Abbarin take out Ulli Diemer.

Meanwhile, newcomer Julian Pulgarin defeats Marcus Wilker to join Hooshang at 4.0/4. Julian played seven rated games back in 2005, earning a provisional rating of 1052, but he’s obviously gotten a bit stronger now – I predict he’ll give Hooshang a run for his money next week!

Julian’s got some moves off the chess board as well:

In third place, Michael Sharpe, with a win over Mark Patton, has 3.5/4.

Round Four Games of the Week

Tyler took a moment behind the desk to do some analysis of Bob’s game, playing a Pirc against Manish. We also have the game, Dave Southam vs Bill Evans, which ended in a draw – thanks to Omar for entering Dave and Bill’s game!

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Round Five – February 10

Each section has a dominating leader with a perfect record.

In the Championship section, Michael Humphreys now sits at 5.0/5 after fending off yet another challenger, Pepin Manalo. Michael heads into the final round a full point – or more – ahead of his closest rivals, most of whom he’s already played (L1 is peppered liberally through the top 6 players’ results).

Michael has won the Club Championship two years in a row, both times with 5.5/6. Can he make it a perfect 6.0/6 this year?

In the Reserve section, Julian Pulgarin’s win streak comes to a close as he finally loses a game at ACC – but not until he plays on the top board of the Reserve section. Hooshang Abbarin, after his win against Julian, is a full point ahead of the crowd with a perfect 5.0/5.

Will both trophies be engraved with 6.0/6 this year?

The final round will be played in two weeks time, after a week off for Family Day.

NOTE: The club will be CLOSED Monday February 17 – and many ACCers will be playing in the 2014 Reading Week Open at Hart House, Saturday to Monday, February 15 to 17.

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Round Six – February 25

In the Championship section, leader Michael Humphreys faces one final challenger – Wajdy Shebetah. Wajdy let’s us know he’s going to be late and arrives with less than 45 minutes left on his clock. “It’s not really a disadvantage,” Michael says afterwards. “Wajdy never uses all his time.” Whether or not time is a factor, Michael is victorious. We are thus proud to announce our 2014 Club Champion, getting his name engraved on the trophy for the third year in a row, this time with a perfect 6.0/6, is … Michael Humphreys! Congratulations, Michael!

Behind Michael are four players with 4.0/6. On tie break, the silver goes to Daniel Wiebe. And the bronze goes to Hugh Siddeley. Congratulation, Hugh and Dan.

Meanwhile, in the Reserves, top board is Hooshang Abbarin, with 5.0/5, defending his title against the wily Jack Maguire who is a full point back at 4.0/5. Unfortunately for Jack, even after a win against Hooshang – thus tying him for first at 5.0/6 – it’s Hooshang who has the best tie break. Jack takes silver, and Michael Sharpe takes bronze. Congratulations to all three Reserve winners, and especially to Hooshang Abbarin, whose name will be engraved on the trophy this year!

See complete standings below.

[Note that the standings table is sorted properly within each point group using our 4 successive tie-break systems: 1. Modifided Median-Buchholz (the sum of opponents’ total scores, with bottom score, top score, or both, discarded, depending on whether the tied players’ final scores are plus, minus, or equal); 2. Solkoff (simply the sum of opponents’ total scores); 3. Cumulative Score (the sum of the player’s own cumulative scores from each round); and 4. Performance of Opposition (the average performance rating of the player’s opposition)]

Final Results after all six rounds

SwissSys Standings. Club Championship 2014: Championship

# Name CFC# Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Total
1 Michael Humphreys 131628 2293 W9 W3 W2 W4 W6 W7 6.0
2 Daniel Wiebe 132137 1919 W7 W20 L1 H— D5 W10 4.0
3 Hugh Siddeley 120619 1933 W12 L1 H— D10 W20 W13 4.0
4 Digeng Du 107986 2295 W11 W8 W13 L1 W16 U— 4.0
5 David Southam 102535 2244 L8 W14 W15 D13 D2 W6 4.0
6 Pepin Manalo 112277 1783 H— W18 W10 W17 L1 L5 3.5
7 Wajdy Shebetah 148432 2215 L2 W25 W8 W19 H— L1 3.5
8 Omaray M. Shah 121329 1950 W5 L4 L7 D14 W26 D11 3.0
9 Nicholas Vettese 154199 1956 L1 L12 W25 D11 W15 D14 3.0
10 Hayk Oganesyan 152587 1963 H— W24 L6 D3 W19 L2 3.0
11 Miroslav Stefanovic 154500 2003 L4 H— D18 D9 W25 D8 3.0
12 Andrew Boik 131279 2231 L3 W9 H— H— U— W18 3.0
13 Bill Evans 103309 2046 W24 W26 L4 D5 L22 L3 2.5
14 Alexandre Michelashvili 149568 2020 L19 L5 W24 D8 D18 D9 2.5
15 Olof Bergenstam 153937 1984 H— D16 L5 D18 L9 W26 2.5
16 Harmony Zhu 151635 1830 H— D15 D20 X27 L4 U— 2.5
17 Zehn Nasir 148198 2125 D18 H— W26 L6 H— U— 2.5
18 Daniel Zotkin 146857 1895 D17 L6 D11 D15 D14 L12 2.0
19 Erik Malmsten 100196 1884 W14 L21 W27 L7 L10 U— 2.0
20 Jonathan Yu 126131 2147 W25 L2 D16 H— L3 U— 2.0
21 Pavel Peev 122223 2219 H— W19 H— U— U— U— 2.0
22 Jonathan Farine 148113 1952 H— H— U— U— W13 U— 2.0
23 Alex T. Ferreira 127516 2049 H— H— U— U— U— W25 2.0
24 Arkadiy Ugodnikov 146626 1885 L13 L10 L14 B— H— U— 1.5
25 Chris Udrea 155000 1904 L20 L7 L9 W26 L11 L23 1.0
26 Josep Sobrepere 152976 1794 B— L13 L17 L25 L8 L15 1.0
27 Allan Munro 140841 2071 H— H— L19 F16 U— U— 1.0

SwissSys Standings. Club Championship 2014: Reserves

# Name CFC# Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Total
1 Hooshang Ab-barin 152910 1735 W40 W26 W10 W5 W7 L2 5.0
2 Jack Maguire 144604 1609 W23 L10 W15 W29 W5 W1 5.0
3 Michael D. Sharpe 100280 1537 W21 H— W31 W6 H— X7 5.0
4 Marcus Wilker 102713 1609 W22 D27 W16 L7 W10 W13 4.5
5 Ulli Diemer 153538 1659 W24 W17 W9 L1 L2 W15 4.0
6 Mark A. Patton 104721 1619 W11 W30 L7 L3 W29 W16 4.0
7 Julian Pulgarin 140527 1052 B— W8 W6 W4 L1 F3 4.0
8 Robert J. Armstrong 100034 1516 W14 L7 L23 W21 W12 W11 4.0
9 Manuela Renteria 152627 1546 W28 W15 L5 D10 D11 X18 4.0
10 Mark A. Gelowitz 126627 1346 W42 W2 L1 D9 L4 W23 3.5
11 George Supol 152286 1282 L6 W25 W19 W17 D9 L8 3.5
12 Teresa Lee 154501 907 W20 L31 W26 H— L8 W24 3.5
13 Sebastian Lamprea 8092215 1301 H— L29 W14 W38 W20 L4 3.5
14 Alex Geddie 155388 993 L8 D40 L13 W42 W36 W20 3.5
15 Daniele Pirri 132983 1268 W18 L9 L2 W37 W30 L5 3.0
16 Milan Cvetkovic 150817 1310 H— W39 L4 D22 W17 L6 3.0
17 Abdolreza Radpey 149018 1354 W36 L5 W41 L11 L16 W28 3.0
18 Adrian Chin 155527 1614 L15 W28 H— W23 H— F9 3.0
19 Joshua Allen 105802 1710 H— H— L11 W36 U— U— 3.0
20 Jean-Marc David 151900 1472 L12 W21 D22 W24 L13 L14 2.5
21 Manish Pamwar 156524 1025 L3 L20 W43 L8 W25 D22 2.5
22 Dennis Li 153129 1136 L4 W43 D20 D16 L26 D21 2.5
23 Raymond Lin 150193 1187 L2 W42 W8 L18 H— L10 2.5
24 Richard Morrison 135889 1292 L5 W37 D36 L20 W38 L12 2.5
25 Tigran Ghazarian 155438 815 L30 L11 W28 H— L21 W38 2.5
26 Bill Thornton 131181 1442 W37 L1 L12 H— W22 U— 2.5
27 Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy 153938 1315 W43 D4 L32 H— H— U— 2.5
28 Nick Mourtos 156384 1035 L9 L18 L25 W40 W42 L17 2.0
29 Eli Teram 107314 1315 H— W13 H— L2 L6 U— 2.0
30 Ian Prittie 153588 1398 W25 L6 H— H— L15 U— 2.0
31 Jiaxin Liu 149747 1627 H— W12 L3 H— U— U— 2.0
32 Nicholas O'Bumsawin 151261 1743 H— H— W27 U— U— U— 2.0
33 John Heisey 156203 1235 H— H— U— U— U— W39 2.0
34 Jian Gajardo Rashid 154802 unr. H— H— U— U— U— W40 2.0
35 Kaizen Liu 152053 1053 H— H— U— U— U— W37 2.0
36 Howard Halim 153419 797 L17 W38 D24 L19 L14 U— 1.5
37 Rahul Gangolli 156023 879 L26 L24 X42 L15 D40 L35 1.5
38 Larissa Souchko 145490 1029 H— L36 W40 L13 L24 L25 1.5
39 Arno Lowi 155277 682 H— L16 H— H— U— L33 1.5
40 Alexander Hillel 153393 1310 L1 D14 L38 L28 D37 L34 1.0
41 Jeffrey Wang Zhu 154492 893 H— H— L17 U— U— U— 1.0
42 Rahman Durdyklychev unr. L10 L23 F37 L14 L28 U— 0.0
43 Seif Tawfik unr. L27 L22 L21 U— U— U— 0.0


7 thoughts on “2014 ACC Club Championship”

  1. Wikipedia could be wrong, of course, but the first tie-break according to FIDE rules in any Swiss tournament is seemingly the head-to-head results.


    Moreover, the 2nd tie-break indicated therein is one’s TPR, and unless I’m mistaken, my TPR exceeded that of Hooshang’s.

    I also would win the Sonneborn-Berger tie-break, which rather begs the question what tie-break method the ACC employs? It would seemingly not be sanctioned by FIDE (not that the Reserves section is FIDE rated).

      1. Why a tie-break system contrary to both FIDE and CFC (710 a)recommendations? Both FIDE and CFC recommend “direct encounter” as the 1st and best tie-break. And is our Crown Section still FIDE rated?

        1. No, the top section is not currently FIDE-rated. With Alex’s departure, we lost a nationally certified arbiter. Tyler should earn his certification soon, and we’ll return to having a FIDE-rated crown section.

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