Kids’ Club December Blitz

KEITH DENNING | 2013/12/03
ACC Class Coordinator

On December 2 the Annex Kids’ Chess Club took a break from its long double round robin tournament to do something a little different.

a change of pace
“Pawn going turbo” – art by Mike Magnan on Susan Polgar’s blogspot

We held a five round blitz tournament, with time controls at five minutes. We saw some really sharp play and the usual array of blunders and missed opportunities that happen under time pressure. Play was fast paced and fun, and a good time was had by all.

The tournament ended up with a three-way tie for first between Jeffrey Zhu, Tigran Ghazarian and Stefan Markarov, each with four points out of a possible five.

Special mention goes to Tigran, the club’s youngest member and one of our strongest players.

The regular 30-minute tournament resumes next week and will be complete by the end of the month.

ACC Kids’ Club Rebooting in the New Year!

In January the Kids’ Club will be expanding, running from 6:00 until a bit before 9:00, with:

  • weekly game analysis
  • chess variants (e.g. bughouse, bulldozer, and other fun games)
  • weekly chess problem competition
  • occasional lectures
  • weekly 30-minute tournament rounds starting at 7:30
  • and more!

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