Anand’s Last Chance?

World Championship Match – Anand down 5:3

Viswanathan Anand Magnus Carlsen Game 7

After back-to-back wins by Magnus Carlsen in the fifth and sixth games, Viswanathan Anand has his back against the wall and must win two of the remaining games to take the match to a tie-break playoff.

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Game 8 – Tuesday, November 19

Fans were disappointed to see Anand not trying to win Game 8 on Tuesday. If there are three more draws, Carlson will clinch.

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Game 8 boring draw

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Game 9 – Thursday, November 21

Realistically, Game 9 is Anand’s last chance in the match. He has white, and if he pulls off a win, he’ll have three more chances to win a second game and tie the match, including another chance with white.

If not, and the game ends in another draw, Anand will face the daunting task of having to beat the world’s top-rated player twice in three games, including at least one win with black – more than even the most ardent Vishy supporters can plausibly expect from him. If ever there was a time for Anand to pull out a secret weapon, this is it!

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