2013 North American Youth Chess Championships

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The 2013 North American Youth Chess Championships were in Toronto this year!

August 14-18. Over 300 young players from Canada, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, and Costa Rica competed in boys’ and girls’ age categories from under-8 to under-18.

We were well represented at the event, as lots of ACC players took part: Harmony Zhu (1st U-8G), Zehn Nasir (=6th U-16B), Pi Nasir, Zhanna Sametova (=5th U-16G), Danny Zotkin (=5th U-12B), Daniel Sirkovich, Alexandre Michelashvili, Stefan Markarov, Nicholas Vettesse, and Vlad Nitu. (I hope I haven’t missed anyone!) And of course we’re big fans of some of the other strong Canadian juniors as well!



The tournament is complete and final results are posted on the official site.

There is also a facebook page. And MonRoi has some games posted!

And John Upper took lots of nice photos (including those shown above).

harmony NAYCC champion

Congratulations to Harmony Zhu – North American Under-8 Girls’ Champion! And recipient of a WCM (Women’s Candidate Master) title!

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