ACC Members Ratify New By-Laws

board and bylaws

On Monday, April 15, the ACC membership ratified a new set of club by-laws that has been months in the making, and is now finally in effect. The document formalizes the roles of the ACC organizing team in a new, two-tiered structure: directors form a board that governs the club; while officers carry out day-to-day operations. This formal distinction, however, does not prevent many of us from “wearing two hats” as both directors and officers of the club.

The end of the document includes our new pricing policy. Full-year and drop-in membership prices are basically unchanged; the two main changes are a $25 registration fee for new members (the same fee is also charged to renewing members whose memberships have lapsed for more than 30 days), and an increase in annual casual membership from $60 to $80. Discounts and proration are also clarified.

The ACC By-Laws document is now available on our Club page (near the bottom, just above “Our mission”).

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