Canadian Chess Player of the Year

Mark Bluvshtein

David Cohen, chess historian and author of the Canadian Chess Info files (which now form much of the content of the new CFC website), has announced the Canadian Chess Player of the Year – GM Mark Bluvshtein!

Congratulations, Mark!


Official winners (based on a poll of chess journalists)
1. Mark Bluvshtein (=1st at the Continental Championship, played Aeroflot, Capablanca, Groningen, Tata Steel, World Cup, etc.)
2. Bator Sambuev (won Canadian Closed, hit highest-ever Canadian rating of 2753)
3. Michael Song (won World U-10 bronze at WYCC, won Toronto Junior Championship)

Fan favourites (based on an online vote)
1. Melissa Giblon (won Canadian Girls’ U-12 at CYCC)
2. Nikolay Noritsyn (won Québec Open, Toronto Thanksgiving Open, =1st at Toronto Labour Day Open, etc.)
3. Mark Bluvshtein (the official winner; see above)

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One thought on “Canadian Chess Player of the Year”

  1. I’m a huge fan of Mark Bluvshtein but to name him our “Canadian Chess Player of the Year” makes a mockery of the award. Mark had a truly mediocre chess year picking up zero FIDE points in his year as a professional. Canada’s number 2 and 3 ranked FIDE players, Kevin Spraggett and Bator Sambuev, tacked on 13 and 5 FIDE points respectively, again nothing to warrant getting too, too excited about. The only top 10 player to significantly increase his world ranking was Nikolay Noritsyn, who added 53 FIDE points and is seemingly a much better candidate for the award.

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