Chess Date?

Looking for someone who’s into playing games?

Toronto’s Gorilla Media Inc is creating a new television series about dating for Slice Network in which, over the course of each episode, one woman is set up on dates with three great guys. And they’re interested in filming a night at the chess club, or a private chess lesson, as part of an episode. Taping of the series will take place in January and February 2012.

It seems they’re looking for guys, but if any of you chess women are interested, it wouldn’t hurt to give them a shout.

(The picture above is from an article on this past spring, “Dating: How Creative Are You and Your Guy When It Comes to Games?” which featured a chess variant in the context of a Daily Sex & Relationship Blog.)

Here is the call for applications:

Finally, a date where neither of you picks up the tab.

Have you been too busy to meet the right girl?

Slice Network is creating a different kind of dating television show where savvy singles try different ways to locate a sincerely great match. We want to set you up on a great date based on what you tell us you’re looking for in a partner.

We’ve got a group of fun, attractive women who are looking for the right guy. Now we’re looking for a few good men to take them out. It’s your call where to take her. And whether you decide on a visit to an art gallery or a midnight dog sledding tour for two, we’ll cover the bill.

If you’re age 29 to 39, live in the GTA, and are serious about finding your +1, we should talk.

For more info, email

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