Toronto for the 2016 Chess Olympiad!

Toronto’s bid to host the 2016 Chess Olympiad

The Chess Olympiad is an international chess competition held every two years in which national teams from all over the world compete for medals. Next year’s Olympiad will be held in Istanbul.

Toronto is entering a bid with FIDE to host the 42nd Chess Olympiad in 2016.

  • New video / Sheraton / World Cup: On December 12, Ted Winick and David Cohen presented a new video at Annex Chess Club. As per new FIDE Olympiad bid structure, the bid will now include the 2015 World Cup in Toronto. Ted announced that the bid committee is working with the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, 123 Queen Street West, to host the Olympiad.
  • Support from Susan Polgar: On October 31 (“Greetings from Up North“) Susan Polgar announced she was in Toronto “to help with the 2016 Toronto World Chess Olympiad bid.” She described Toronto as “the perfect host.”
  • Positive feedback from Krakow: On October 28 (“Report from Krakow“), Hal Bond posted his report from the 82nd FIDE Congress. “Everyone is very keen on the idea of seeing an Olympiad in North America,” he says. “No rival bidders have been identified as yet.”
  • Visit the official website of the 2016 Toronto Chess Olympiad Bid Committee for full bid details.

Promo Video

Here’s the 2016 Toronto Chess Olympiad Bid two-minute promotional video, “You are invited to Toronto”:

You are invited to Toronto” © 2011 by Chess Institute of Canada.

Incidentally, here’s another cool video (also just released) that uses time-lapse to show off the beautiful city of Toronto:

Toronto Tempo” by Ryan Emond.

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