GM Bojkov Visits Annex Chess Club

ACC honoured to have GM Dejan Bojkov visit our club

GM Dejan Bojkov, co-winner of the 2011 Canadian Open

International Grandmaster Dejan Bojkov (2544) is 2009 Bulgarian Champion, co-author of A Course in Chess Tactics (Gambit 2010), and co-winner of the 2011 Canadian Open. He visited our club this past Monday to play casual chess with some of our members, but he also offered to give our regular chess lecture. By popular demand, he showed us his COCC round 8 win against Canadian GM Bator Sambuev.

GM Bojkov had been staying with a host family while he was in Toronto, and these new Canadian friends of his came out to the club, too. In the lecture, his analysis was impressively deep, yet his explanations of the key ideas were perfectly clear. It was an honour to have him visit us, and a pleasure to watch his analysis.

White: Bojkov, Dejan (2544)
Black: Sambuev, Bator (2739)

2011.07.16 Pinnacle 48th Canadian Open (8)
Toronto, ON

C15 French: Winawer 4.Nge2

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