Geordie Derraugh wins Summer Ritz

2011 Summer Rapid/Blitz Tournament – July 4

This one-night six-round tournament was played in one big section, at a time control of 9 min each with a 3-s increment.

We got off to a slow start, due to issues with the new CFC site (slowing down registration) and problems with our projector (we had wanted to show the video of a Global News special on Canadian grandmaster Mark Bluvshtein). But once we got rolling, the speed tournament was a lot of fun.

In the end, Geordie Derrraugh finished in a three-way tie for first with 5.0/6 and won the tie-break.

Here are the complete results:

# Name Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Total
1 Geordie Derraugh 2140 W15 W8 D9 W5 W4 D2 5.0
2 Hugh Siddeley 2007 W19 W11 W6 D4 W9 D1 5.0
3 Tyler Longo 2087 W25 W10 L4 W18 W7 W5 5.0
4 Wajdy Shebetah 2211 W20 W16 W3 D2 L1 W9 4.5
5 Nicholas O’Bumsawin 1714 W23 W13 W16 L1 W12 L3 4.0
6 Rolando Renteria 2165 W18 W7 L2 L9 W13 W14 4.0
7 Fernando Marshal 1958 W21 L6 W20 W19 L3 W13 4.0
8 Hashim Kamoona unr. W27 L1 L18 W15 W22 W12 4.0
9 Manuela Renteria 1916 W28 W14 D1 W6 L2 L4 3.5
10 Alejandro Renteria 1699 W24 L3 W15 L12 D19 W17 3.5
11 Marcus Wilker 1673 W22 L2 L12 W24 D18 W19 3.5
12 Tsholofelo Bafana unr. L13 W23 W11 W10 L5 L8 3.0
13 Zhanna Sametova 1561 W12 L5 W24 W17 L6 L7 3.0
14 Chris Wehrfritz 1388 W17 L9 L19 W21 W16 L6 3.0
15 Josep Sobrepere unr. L1 W27 L10 L8 W21 W20 3.0
16 Hooshang Abbarin unr. W26 L4 L5 W20 L14 W18 3.0
17 Neil Jain unr. L14 W28 W25 L13 W23 L10 3.0
18 Adie Todd 1736 L6 W21 W8 L3 D11 L16 2.5
19 Dan Geambasu 1523 L2 W22 W14 L7 D10 L11 2.5
20 Nathan Lean 1515 L4 W26 L7 L16 W24 L15 2.0
21 George Supol 1405 L7 L18 W26 L14 L15 W22 2.0
22 Jean-Marc David 1164 L11 L19 W23 W25 L8 L21 2.0
23 Shabnam Abbarin 1479 L5 L12 L22 W26 L17 W25 2.0
24 Danny O’Sullivan unr. L10 W25 L13 L11 L20 L26 1.0
25 Mitchell Schneider unr. L3 L24 L17 L22 W26 L23 1.0
26 John Warner unr. L16 L20 L21 L23 L25 W24 1.0
27 Claire Li unr. L8 L15 U— U— U— U— 0.0
28 Bob Heller unr. L9 L17 U— U— U— U— 0.0

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