The Continental in Toluca, México

“Campeonato Continental Absoluto de América” April 19-24

Canadian GM Mark Bluvshtein is back from the American Continental Chess Championship in Toluca, Mexico: 26 km from Mexico City – and 2.7 km above sea level! Over 200 players, representing countries from Canada to Chile, competed in this six-day, nine-round event.

At the end of the tournament, Mark Bluvshtein tied for first (four-way) with 7.5/9 (+6-0=3), qualifying for the World Cup! On tie-break, Mark came second. Check his blog (now updated!) for photos, commentary, and analysis of his games.

Also, check the FENAMAC website for photos and updates and the ChessTalk forum for discussion. Some games are available in a .pgn file at This Week in Chess.

Here’s the blow-by-blow:

In the final round, Mark played white and defeated the Colombian IM, Sergio E. Barrientos (2499) – watch LIVE.

In round eight, Mark played black and drew the Cuban GM, Frank De La Paz Perdomo (2473) – watch LIVE

In round seven, Mark played white and defeated the Cuban GM, Luis Manuel Perez Rodriguez (2483).

In round six, Mark played black and defeated the Mexican IM, Roberto Martin Del Campo C. (2415).

White: Martin Del Campo C., Roberto (2415) MEX
Black: Bluvshtein, Mark (2589) CAN

2011.04.22 Campeonato Continental Absoluto (6)

B09 Pirc: Austrian Attack

In round five, Mark played white and drew against the Cuban GM, Aryam Abreu Delgado (2485).

White: Bluvshtein, Mark (2589) CAN
Black: Abreu Delgado, Aryam (2485) CUB

2011.04.22 Campeonato Continental Absoluto (5)

D97 Gruenfeld: Alekhine

In round four, Mark played black and defeated the Colombian IM, Henry Panesso Rivera (2351).

In round three, Mark played white and drew against the Cuban FM, Jose Yasser Quesada Perez (2421).

In round two, Mark played black and defeated Jomo Pitterson (2263) of Jamaica.

Jono Pitterson-Mark Bluvshtein, round 2

In round one, Mark defeated Fernando Martínez Ocampo (2106) from the white side of a King’s Indian (king-side attack, ending with a rook sac on h7 leading to forced mate!):

Bluvshtein-Martinez Ocampo, round 1

White: Bluvshtein, Mark (2589) CAN
Black: Martínez Ocampo, Fernando (2106) MEX

2011.04.19 Campeonato Continental Absoluto (1)

E71 King’s Indian

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2 thoughts on “The Continental in Toluca, México”

  1. I really liked the last combination. With a great sacrifice of the rock.

    I am owner of Chess Problems website (something dedicated to chess tricks like this). So I have added this combination to my database. Amazing! Thanks!

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