Incremental Time Controls – Decision Reached

The club has reached a final decision (hopefully‽) regarding incremental time controls. For our Spring Swiss, starting on Monday March 28, we are going to divide into three sections:

  • premier section (minimum rating of 1900) that will play G/90+30s (game in 90 minutes with a 30-second increment) which allows the section to be FIDE-rated
  • reserve A section (minimum rating of 1600) that will continue to play G/90 SD (game in 90 minutes, sudden death)
  • reserve B section (under 1600 and unrated players) that will also continue to play G/90 SD (game in 90 minutes, sudden death)

Games in all sections would start at 7:30 pm. This allows us to continue to offer lectures, to maintain the same tournament start time for those who cannot come earlier, to give our strong players the option to play FIDE-rated games (which IA David Cohen has volunteered to coordinate), and to offer to most of our members a game guaranteed to end at 10:30. It is a school night, after all!

We can always change our policy in the future, but this is what we’re hoping to try for the next tournament. Thank you to all for your helpful feedback comments! Please continue to let us know how this works for you as we go forward.

13 thoughts on “Incremental Time Controls – Decision Reached”

    1. Increments are fine by me. Probably G60, 30s increments would allow the start time to stay the same, although I would have no problem with it moving earlier. We could always try them for one tournament and if they didn’t work we can always go back. As for the idea of team tournaments, it’s not a bad concept, but I think unrealistic given that many players can’t commit to play every Monday, I know I can’t.

  1. I’m in favour of using the increments. Two reasons: you have to win on the board; and you can record the moves for the entire game.

    Minimum for FIDE rating would be G/90+30s from move 1. If you figure on a 60 move game, then the game will last 4 hours. If you want a CFC rated game lasting about 3 hours, then try G/60+30s from move 1.

  2. I am very much in support of adding an increment to our games for the same reasons that David noted: it will ensure that all moves are recorded and that games are decided on the board.

    I am also a supporter of this new format meeting the minimum FIDE requirements of G/90+30s from move 1 because it gives our membership the added benefit, if they choose, of having a FIDE rating associated with their matches. If this were to be done, however, it would mean that games would have to start earlier, at 7 pm sharp.

    If this time is not ok with our membership, then we should start at 7:30 and do as Hugh suggested – G/75+30s from move 1.

    I want these changes implemented for the beginning of the next tournament, so please make your voices heard on this one…


  3. I have no particular opinion about time controls proper. However, I would not be able to participate in tournaments if they started earlier. I work until 7, and would be very disappointed if the start time were moved forward.

  4. I really support the idea of G/90+30s because it gives us extra options (Fide rated specifically) + CFC as usual so if we have options why leave it!!!!!!!!!!

  5. SCC said that they can’t get people to start before 7:30. Not everybody over 1800 can make it at 7. Could have a FIDE section (at 7 pm) and non-FIDE section (at 7:30), regardless of rating. Part of the purpose of the lectures was providing content for the early birds.
    As people want to finish by 11, especially school kids, at game in 75 + 30 sec some longer games (over 60 moves) will go past 11. So David’s idea of game in 60 +30 is best (over 90 moves past 11). There still will be the occasional late game to 11:30 and maybe later? Maybe adjourn at 11?

    At Game in 90 + 30, starting at 7, games over 60 moves will go past 11.

    1. But if the FIDE section starts at 7:00, that interferes with the lecture. Let’s just start both sections promptly at 7:30, as long as the site is willing to have us stay past 11:30.


  6. I completely agree with this. We should have FIDE-rated tournaments to be really a special club.

  7. I support incremental time control and FIDE-rated tournaments, but starting from the middle of April I will have a course at work on Mondays and I will not be able to be on time if the tournament will start at 7pm.

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