Club Champion Wajdy Shebetah

Wajdy Shebetah finishes the ACC Club Championship in clear first

Natalia was away in the final round, so Wajdy faced Joshua Sherman. With his win, Wajdy finished with 5.5/6, a full point and a half ahead of Steve Fairbairn, who finished second on tie-break with young Danny Zotkin, who placed third. Congratulations to our 2011 Club Champion, Wajdy Shebetah, all the winners, and all the new members who have been joining the club each week to make this such a successful tournament!

Check the tournament cross-table for complete results.

A new five-round tournament, the Spring Swiss, starts next week – March 28. We will be divided into sections, and will be introducing a new time control in the premier section, which will be FIDE-rated. (See the increments article for details.)

Here is Wajdy’s last-round win, a topsy-turvy battle with Josh Sherman:

White: Wajdy Shebetah (2170)
Black: Joshua Sherman (1885)

2011.03.21 ACC Club Championship (6)

D02 Queen’s Pawn Game

After five rounds, Wajdy Shebetah is a full point ahead

Wajdy defeated Dan Wiebe in round 5 to stay a full point ahead of his closest challengers, expert Steve Fairbairn and WIM Natalia Khoudgarian, both of whom won their games (in fine fashion!) to stay in contention for a three-way tie for first, should Natalia take Wajdy down in the final round. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets! Next week promises the most exciting game of the ACC Club Championship as Natalia Khoudgarian and Wajdy Shebetah face off in the final round.

Here is Dan’s valiant attempt against Wajdy, who sacked the ex, picked up some pawns, and won a NPPP vs R ending:

White: Daniel Wiebe (1936)
Black: Wajdy Shebetah (2170)

2011.03.14 ACC Club Championship (5)

B09 Pirc: Austrian Attack

Through four rounds, Wajdy Shebetah is still the lone leader

With a draw with Stephen Fairbairn, Wajdy Shebetah is holding onto clear first, with 3.5/4. Daniel Wiebe, after his victory over Hugh Siddeley, is due to be the next challenger for the lead.

Here is Dan’s game with Hugh:

White: Daniel Wiebe (1936)
Black: Hugh Siddeley (2029)

2011.03.7 ACC Club Championship (4)

B78 Sicillian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack 10. O-O-O

After three rounds, Wajdy Shebetah is in clear first

With a victory over Hugh Siddeley – and with Natalia Khoudgarian helping out by beating Daniel Wiebe – Wajdy Shebetah has now taken sole possession of first place. He is the only player with a perfect +3 record after three rounds.

Here is Wajdy’s game with Hugh:

White: Hugh Siddeley (2029)
Black: Wajdy Shebetah (2204)

2011.02.14 ACC Club Championship (3)

C11 French: Steinitz

Club Championship grows in round two.

There are now 23 players competing for the ACC crown. But as the tournament grows, the leading pack shrinks. Three players with perfect records are currently sitting atop the standings: Wajdy Shebetah, Hugh Siddeley, and Daniel Wiebe.

In the following game, one of our newest ACC members, WIM Natalia Khoudgarian defeats our chess-960 champion, Pepin Manalo.

White: Pepin Manalo (1811)
Black: Natalia Khoudgarian (2244)

2011.02.07 ACC Club Championship (2)

C00 French: King’s Indian Attack

Favourites sweep round one.

The ACC Club Championship got under way Monday February 7, with fourteen players joining.

In round one, a Swiss pairing system always pairs the top half of the tournament against the bottom half, so typically the games have underdogs battling valiantly against heavy favourites, hoping for a huge upset. (Anything could happen, any given Monday!). No such luck! At the end of the night, all the favourites earned their full point, and all the underdogs came away empty-handed.

Here is Bruce McKendry, on the black side of a Scotch, driving to a winning advantage against Sebastian Palozzi.

White: Sebastian Palozzi (1527)
Black: Bruce McKendry (1874)

2011.01.31 ACC Club Championship (1)

C45 Scotch Game

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