ACC Team Chess Event?

Liza Orlova, who has first-hand experience of the Chess Olympiad (she was a member of the Canadian team in 2010), has suggested that we run an Olympiad-style team-chess event at the Annex Chess Club.

ACC players would form four-player teams, with a certain maximum average rating, and the teams would play each other: board one vs. board one, board two vs. board two, etc.

We could run this event after our club championship, if there is sufficient interest. Please add your comments, email your questions, or come speak to us at the club to sign up.

3 thoughts on “ACC Team Chess Event?”

  1. There was a similar event at the Scarborough Chess Club back in the early 1990s, and it was great fun. With so much individual competition in chess, it’s nice to get that team feeling.


  2. Adult Team vs. Junior Team is a good match. Anything more, and you might as well involve other Clubs.

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