Steve Fairbairn wins the Fall Swiss!

ACC Fall Swiss – Round 5

With another draw, this time against Joseph Bellissimo, Steve Fairbairn finished the Fall Swiss in a three-way tie for first place. On the tie break, Steve took first, Alex Ferreira took second, and Hugh Siddeley took third. Congratulations, Steve Fairbairn!

Lawrence Garcia, with a last-round win over Joey Comeau, was the top under-1700 player.

See the cross-table for full results.

Here are the games of the week – also available as a text file.

White: Daniel Wiebe (1869)
Black: Hugh Siddeley (2044)

B32 Sicillian: Kalashnikov

White: Lawrence Garcia (1478)
Black: Joey Comeau (UNR)

D05 Colle-Zukertort

ACC Fall Swiss – Round 4

Five new players joined the tournament this week:  welcome to Zhanna Sametova, Qiyu Zhou, Arkadiy Ugodnikov, Joey Comeau, and Jan-Lukas Wolf!

The children’s class moved downstairs, and the hall was much quieter.  Thanks to all the players for your cooperation.

With a draw against Expert Alex Ferreira, Steve Fairbairn is holding onto clear first going into the last round.  Steve has already faced the two highest-rated players in the tournament, and he’ll have white last round.  If Steve fails to win (probably against Joseph Bellissimo), it’ll come down to a tie-break to decide the winner!

Here is the game of the week:

White: Joey Comeau (UNR)
Black: Hugh Siddeley (2044)

A34 English: Asymmetrical

ACC Fall Swiss – Round 3

Welcome to Joseph Bellissimo and Michael Vermont, who joined the ACC Fall Swiss this week! Steve Fairbairn, after miniaturing Expert Hugh Siddeley with the Pirc, has now taken clear first – 2.5/3.

With new casual players joining, and a growing group of children being coached by Liza Orlova and Ian Mahoney, it was a lively Monday night of chess. (Next week, the rated games will be played in a separate room to ensure a silent playing hall for the tournament.)

Here are the games from round three – also available as a text file.

White: Hugh Siddeley (2044)
Black: Steve Fairbairn (1995)

B09 Pirc: Austrian Attack

White: Erik Malmsten (1865)
Black: Michael Vermont (UNR)

A01 Nimzovich-Larsen Attack

White: Shabnam Abbarin (1581)
Black: Marcus Wilker (1875)

B01 Scandinavian Defence

ACC Fall Swiss – Round 2

The ACC is pleased to welcome three new players to the Fall Swiss: Daniel Zotkin, Erik Malmsten, and Steve Fairbairn. Steve Fairbairn has now joined the four-way tie for the lead with 1.5/2. Upset of the week goes to Yakos Spiliotopoulos for his win over Marcus Wilker with the Benko Gambit.

Here are the games from round two – also available as a text file.

White: Marcus Wilker (1875)
Black: Yakos Spiliotopoulos (1429)

A26 Benko Gambit

White: Daniel Zotkin (1708)
Black: Erik Malmsten (1865)

B06 Modern

White: Alex Ferreira (2066)
Black: Shabnam Abbarin (1581)

C68 Ruy Lopez

ACC Fall Swiss – Round 1

The 2010 ACC Fall Swiss saw two big upsets in round-one play.  Ian Mahoney defeated Expert, Alex Ferreira; and Lawrence Garcia knocked off A-class player, Marcus Wilker.

Here are the games from round one – also available as a text file.

White: Ian Mahoney (1710)
Black: Alex Ferreira (2066)

C65 Ruy Lopez

White: Hugh Siddeley (2044)
Black: Shabnam Abbarin (1581)

C70 Ruy Lopez

White: Lawrence Garcia (1478)
Black: Marcus Wilker (1875)

A47 Queen’s Indian

White: Yakos Spiliotopoulos (1429)
Black: Daniel Wiebe (1869)

B90 Sicillian Najdorf

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